NYU requires proof of graduation/final transcripts before students can enroll in classes. Students can find detailed information about the documents required for their educational systems by using our International Qualifications Tool and by reviewing their NYU applicant portals.

Students who enter NYU with credentials from a school outside of the United States are required to submit final transcript and relevant proof of graduation or final exam documents directly to our partner, Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), where their authenticity will be confirmed and then shared with NYU.

Because ECE may need to contact students’ institutions or exam boards for additional information, they must fill out a consent form before sending in documents. ECE will not be able to authenticate documents until students or a parent or guardian (if they are under 18 years of age) have provided consent. Incoming first-year students will receive a link to the consent form via email in May and incoming transfer students will receive this link shortly after confirming their enrollment. Please contact admissions@nyu.edu to have the form resent.

It is important that a student’s name on all documents sent to ECE is spelled exactly the same as on the Common Application. Students should also ensure that their date of birth is included when sending documents to ECE.

Students are not responsible for any costs associated with ECE's review of their documents and do not need to place an order for the evaluation with ECE.

Note: Test score documents sent through an official electronic source, including A-levels submitted by Cambridge International Examinations as well as the IB, are not required to be sent to ECE.

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First Year Students

Students should work directly with their college counselors or national testing authorities to have their documents sent to ECE by July 15.

If your transcript or national exam scores are released after July 15, please ensure they are sent to ECE as soon as possible upon release. Your enrollment for the fall semester will not be affected, but you may have a delay registering for future semesters if we do not receive these documents in a timely manner.

If students are unsure if they need to send any documents to ECE, they should email us at admissions@nyu.edu and a member of our team will respond.

Transfer Students

Students may be required to resend documents they have already submitted to us, including final high school transcripts with proof of graduation/final exam scores and/or college transcript(s). This will be required in order to register for classes in the fall.

Only documents from educational institutions located outside of the United States must be sent to ECE. If students were admitted with any unofficial documents from an educational institution within the United States, official copies of those documents should be sent to the Admissions Offices prior to January 5 for Spring and July 15 for Fall.

If students are currently taking spring courses at a university outside of the United States, they should wait until all current grades are recorded before sending university transcripts to ECE.

Where to Send Documents

To assist with the authentication process, it is recommended for documents to be mailed or couriered directly to ECE. However, if your school counselor is able to send documents from a computer on your school's network from a verified school email address, and the counselor's employment can be verified on the school's website, they can alternatively email them to ecemail@ece.org. Please know that ECE will need to verify that your counselor works at the school, so if your school does not have a website and/or your counselor's name and email address are not available on the website, they will be asked to mail or courier the documents.

Documents sent by courier service (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) should be addressed to: ECE, 101 W. Pleasant St. Suite 200, Milwaukee, WI 53212-3963, USA | Phone Number: +1-414-289-3400

Documents sent by a postal service should be addressed to: ECE, PO Box 514070, Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470, USA

For questions on sending documents to ECE, please contact ECE.

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