The mission of the Saturday Academy is to increase diversity in the healthcare professions, especially dentistry, by introducing underrepresented high school students to the profession of dentistry, while simultaneously preparing them for the college application process.

Established in 2012 by Dr. Lorel Burns and Dr. Cheryline Pezzullo — at the time, both second-year students at the College — this preparatory program meets biweekly on Saturdays, 7 sessions per Fall semester, and has introduced 286 high school students to the field of dentistry as a career option. 

How to Apply

The online application portal for the 2023 is available in the program website. 

Who You'll Study With

Previous program professionals and guests have included dentists and dental students. 

Areas of Study

Dentistry, College Application Preparation

Student Testimonials

“I really loved this program and it was really exciting to learn something new, this made me think of what to be in the future, a dentist.”

“I’m so thankful for being part of this amazing program. With the help of the interview session we had, I was able to apply that knowledge and get a Posse scholarship! I appreciate all the time and effort you guys put so that we the students could enjoy it!”

“I felt the program was well organized and taught by phenomenal student leaders…I am so grateful for this program and all the doors it opened up for me. I am excited to see where this leads me! Thank you!”

“Saturday Academy is the best program I have attended because we truly are surrounded by people who look like us and who are currently living our dream.”

“The academy was wonderful! It helped me feel sure about pursuing a career in dentistry and has motivated me to take more initiative to accomplish this dream.”

“This program was honestly amazing and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for guiding me through what it means to be a dentist and the college admissions process. I told a lot of my friends how cool this program is and they all want to try it. I’m definitely going to continue to keep in touch with Saturday Academy in the years that come.”

Program Dates
September - December



Application Deadline
July, 2023