Summer Study Abroad (open to NYU and non-NYU students)
Choose from dozens of programs and earn 3 to 8 academic credits with Summer Study Abroad. These exciting summer opportunities are offered by several NYU schools and provide a variety of academic offerings for undergraduate and graduate-level study. Experience a new culture with destinations across NYU's global network, learn a new language, and fulfill credits toward a major or minor. Learn more.

Stern IBEX (for NYU Stern students only)
Study at one of the world’s top business institutions through the Stern School's International Business Exchange program (IBEX). Stern Business students have a unique opportunity for this cultural immersion experience. IBEX students attend class with local and international students, learning about the world and gaining a competitive edge in the global business community. All universities offer courses in English and allow for courses that fall into the Stern business curriculum to keep up with degree progress while abroad. Learn more

Tisch Programs (open to NYU and non-NYU students)
Tisch School of the Arts offers specialized arts training in January Term, as well as the fall, spring, and summer. Students explore emerging media, and the cinematic and performing arts through a global lens. Students apply directly through Tisch and choose from a variety of advanced-level, rigorous training that compares to our standards of excellence at home. Learn more.

Tandon School of Engineering Exchange Program (for School of Engineering students only)
The Tandon School of Engineering has an exchange program in which a small number of selected upper level students can enroll at international partner institutions in courses that will be accepted for transfer credit and count towards their engineering degrees. Any and all courses must be pre approved by the departments before credit can be granted. Learn more

Tandon School of Engineering - Global E3 (for School of Engineering students only)
The Tandon School of Engineering is a member institution of Global E3 where engineering students can study abroad during either the fall or spring semester or for a full academic year. If accepted, students will enroll at one of the member institutions.  Any and all courses must be pre approved by the departments before credit can be granted. Learn more

Steinhardt Music and Performing Arts Professions
NYU Steinhardt offers a music curriculum at NYU Prague which draws on the rich musical heritage of the great European city Prague, in the Czech Republic. Specifically designed for music performance and music technology majors, the program offers a unique opportunity to study music history, take individual lessons, join ensembles with the guidance of expert local faculty, and intern with one of the numerous  local symphony groups, production studios, performers, management companies, or other areas of the music industry in credit bearing placements arranged by NYU staff in Prague. Practice rooms, musical instruments, and technology equipment are provided at the NYU Prague  academic center and in student residences. Learn more

Global Liberal Studies
Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is a four year degree program which offers a rigorous course of study in the liberal arts, the hallmark of which is a junior year in residence at one of NYU's international locations in Africa, Asia, Europe, or Latin America. The curriculum emphasizes great works from around the globe, combining ideas, materials, and methodologies from multiple fields of inquiry, including literature, philosophy, foreign language, and more. Learn more

NYU Steinhardt Graduate Study Abroad (open to NYU and non-NYU graduate students)
Designed for both the busy working professional and full-time graduate student the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers an international study component to complement many degree programs. Intensive study programs between semesters and during spring break as well as summer allow students to obtain credits towards their degree through exciting courses abroad. Learn more

Graduate School of Arts and Science (MA degree abroad)
The Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University offers degree programs abroad. Students apply through GSAS in New York. Learn more

Rory Meyers College of Nursing
The Rory Meyers College of Nursing offers winter intersession courses at international locations each year with topics that may address current health care delivery issues of the host country in comparison to the United States, or global perspectives on child health. Courses are open to graduate and undergraduate NYU students. Because the programs run concurrently, interested students may only participate in one. Learn more

Silver School of Social Work Global Learning Programs (open to NYU and non-NYU graduate students)
The Silver School of Social Work offers several exciting study abroad opportunities away from New York throughout the year. The Silver School’s global programs offer an international perspective on several important contemporary issues in social work from community based activism and advocacy to substance use. Learn more

Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
NYU Wagner provides students with several opportunities to create a global academic experience. Wagner's study abroad experience enables students to enhance their global perspective and cross-cultural competencies by building their understanding of cultural factors affecting the theories and the practices of public service. Learn more

School of Professional Studies
The School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers short-term, credit-bearing international courses for both undergraduates and graduates. The Global Field Intensive programs are offered in J-term, Spring, and Summer semesters and afford students the chance to understand how businesses and organizations related to their field function differently around the world. Many, but not all, of these programs are offered to NYU students outside of SPS. Learn more