In addition to the NYU campuses and centers outside of New York, the University has numerous opportunities for current students to study at other universities; and programs for students from other universities to study with NYU on the campus in New York.

Opportunities are available for both undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year. Students interested in courses during January or May, June, July should consult the University Programs opportunities. 


Options for Current NYU Students

NYU International Exchange Program

The IEP is a university-wide opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to enroll directly as NYU nominees at leading research universities. Many of the universities offer course work in English and others require advanced knowledge of the local  language. 

NYU Faculty Resource Network Student Exchange

The Faculty Resource Network has established a student exchange program for outstanding undergraduates between New York University and three historically black and two Hispanic-serving colleges: Morehouse College, Spelman College, Xavier University of Louisiana, University of Puerto Rico, and University of Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico.

Stern International Business Exchange

Through IBEX, Stern juniors and seniors have the chance to study at leading business universities and discover the intellectual, cultural and social life of another country.

Tandon School of Engineering

There are two opportunities specficially designed for Tandon School of Engineering students. The Tandon Exchange Program enables a small number of selected upper level students to enroll at international partner institutions in courses that will be accepted for transfer credit and count towards their engineering degrees. Tandon is also a member institution of Global E3 which allows engineering students to study abroad during either the fall or spring semester or for a full academic year. If accepted, students will enroll at one of the member institutions. Courses for both programs must be pre-approved by the departments before credit can be granted.


Options for non-NYU Students

NYU International Exchange Program

Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at one of NYU's partner schools are eligible to apply. Students apply through their current university's international programs office to become a nominee for enrollment at NYU.


Students Enrolled at Universities that are not partners with NYU

If you are enrolled at a University that is not a partner with NYU you cannot participate in an exchange program. However, if you would still like to enroll at NYU for a term, you may do so through the Office of University Programs, which offers a visiting student program for the Fall, January, Spring, and Summer terms. As a visiting student, you’ll be able to take courses with NYU students and receive an official NYU transcript for the transfer of credit back to your university. More information, including further details about the application process, course offerings, and additional requirements for international students, can be found on the Visiting Students website.

If, after reviewing the website, you have additional questions about being a visiting student, please feel free to contact the Office of University Programs directly at or at +1-(212)-998-2292.