NYU Global Notebook

Global Notebook is a biannual online magazine for students who are considering studying abroad.


Study Away for STEM and Prehealth Students

All students can study away, even those studying STEM and prehealth fields, if they plan ahead.

No Business Like Show Business: Internships at NYU Los Angeles

Internships in LA are key to understanding the film and media industry.

Charting Your Course: How to Study Away

A study away administrator breaks down how to plan for study away.

Student Life

Tips for City Life…

Two students offer their wisdom on navigating urban life in London and Tel Aviv.

Culture Within Reach

Regional field trips beyond their host cities offer students new cultural experiences.


Fall Trips from Florence

Dr. Perri Klass adapted this article from her essay published in the New York Times.

Let’s Get Real: Studying Abroad as a Student of Color

Some cities in NYU’s network are not as diverse as others. Learn how two students of color managed their experiences in London and Madrid.


Enhance Your Résumé and Stamp Your Passport

A global experience can boost your résumé and impress future employers.