returning to nyc

“I’m back, now what?!”

At New York University, we strongly believe your study away experience does not end when you return from a global academic center. Remember, studying away at a global location is a process, not an event. You should welcome the entire experience as a journey, integrating pre-departure, in-country, and re-entry experiences. There are adjustments and surprises along the way that will provide you with great memories and learning moments that will impact you throughout your life.

To continue this process, and as a part of NYU's global network, you should keep your global experience alive once you've returned. Our hope is the growth, exposure, knowledge, and awareness continues as you acclimate back to your home campus. We want you to use your experience to have a profound impact on your growth, those around you, and the ways in which you identify with our global world.

As you rejoin the community of your home campus, we would like to provide you with a variety of resources and tips to make sure your transition is seamless. Your journey should be a sustainable experience which can be shared and reflected upon throughout your future.

The following pages are organized to address themes related to returning to campus:

Quick Tips for Returning Students
Continuing Your Global Experience
Campus Engagement
Personal Transitions