At NYU, chapters recruit new members at the start of the spring and fall semesters. Although councils perform recruitment and member intake differently, all chapters follow a performance-based recruitment model that guides recruitment based on an organization's performance and a recruit's class year. The Interfraternity Council (IFC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), and Panhellenic Council (PHC) all adhere to the following procedures.

Virtual Recruitment For Fall 2020

All three council (IFC, MGC, and PHC) will hold virtual recruitment or intake and student engagement for the Fall 2020 semester. This is to ensure student safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All councils following New York State, NYU, and FSL virtual policies and guidelines. Chapters participating in recruitment or intake will allow all new first-year, upper class, transfer, and commuter students to join unless otherwise noted. Please note, some chapters in MGC only accept second semester first-year students. See specific virtual recruitment outlines and processes per council below:

Interfraternity Council

IFC's virtual recruitment process allows for potential new members (PNMs) to meet and get to know individual chapters, their members, and organization values prior to being invited or accepting membership. The process is outlined as:

  • Recruitment process and events will start on September 13 and end September 24 and be hold via Zoom
  • Official membership invitation (or bids) will be offered started midnight on 9/25
  • Individual chapters will hold recruitment events during the formal recruitment time period
  • Specific events will be announced during IFC formal recruitment events

To sign up or if a student is interested in joining an IFC fraternity, and learning about individual chapter events, please complete this form. For more updates and information be sure to following IFC on Instagram (@nyuifc) or go to their website.

Multicultural Greek Council

Not all MGC fraternities or sororities will hold intake or recruitment this semester due to the need for specific in-person programming that is unable to occur. However, most fraternities and sororities will be hold interest or recruitment events throughout the semester. All events will be held virtually via Zoom to ensure CDC and NYS policies and guidelines are followed. Organizations will announce their interest events and programs on their official social media accounts.

All chapters intend to host a variety of events and programs in order to get to know new students! These events will help those who are interested in joining find the chapter best for them. To sign up and receive more information please complete this form for MGC.

Panhellenic Council

PHC will host virtual formal recruitment for all its sororities. The recruitment process is a bit different than previous years due to the pandemic but regardless of the change our PHC sororities are excited to meet new students. Below the dates and process is outlined:

  • August 15: recruitment registration opens - to register for PHC recruitment complete this form
  • September 30: PNMs will be sent a video created by the council outlining the process; it must be reviewed in 48 hours of being sent
  • October 2: PNMs will meet with their recruitment guides or Rho Gammas viz Zoom
  • October 3: PNMs will attend the first 4 chapter open houses via Zoom
  • October 4: PNMs will attend the final 3 chapter open houses via Zoom
  • October 5-16: PNMs will attend chapter events hosted via Zoom; these events are invite only and Rho Gammas will help with schedule arrangement
  • October 17: Bids, or membership invitations, are extended
  • October 18: Virtual Bid Day

Be sure to follow Panhellenic on Instagram (@nyupanhel), Facebook (NYU Panhellenic Council), or go to their website for more updates.

First-Year NYU Students

In the fall semester, only those chapters with an annual evaluation score of Three Stars or more are eligible to recruit new first-year NYU students. Chapters with Two Star and One Star scores are ineligible to bring in first-year membership in the fall semester, and must defer their recruitment of freshmen to the spring semester.

In the spring semester, all chapters in good standing can recruit first-year students. In good standing includes those chapters listed as "Active" on our homepage (which are all chapters with annual evaluation scores between One Star and Five Stars).

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

In the fall and spring semesters, all chapters in good standing can recruit sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In good standing includes those chapters listed as "Active" on our homepage (which are all chapters with annual evaluation scores between One Star and Five Stars).


In addition to individual fraternity and sorority requirements, only full-time NYU undergraduate students based in New York are eligible to join.


Interfraternity Council

Fraternities at NYU host a formal recruitment process.

IFC Formal Recruitment: Fraternity recruitment is over a ten-day span, where organizations host specific events at various locations throughout the city and campus. Potential new members (PNMs) use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with different chapters and discover how each individual fraternity represents their own values as well as the pillars of the NYU IFC community. Also during this time, the IFC holds two formal recruitment events, where PNMs must attend one in order to be eligible for membership.

For more information visit the Interfraternity Council webpage.

Cultural Fraternities and Sororities

Multicultural Greek Council

MGC chapters conduct "rush" or formal recruitment and/or member intake.

MGC Rush or Formal Recruitment: Some Multicultural Greek Council fraternities and sororities prefer a more formal process that requires potential new members to attend a specific number of events before becoming eligible for membership. This formal process may last longer than the member intake process.

MGC Member Intake: Chapters that utilize member intake host multiple events throughout the semester for students to learn about how to join, and to begin the membership process by completing an orientation.

For more information visit the Multicultural Greek Council webpage.


Panhellenic Council

Sororities at NYU have a very formal process that relies on mutual selection.

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment: Panhellenic recruitment is a formal process involving multiple rounds — and multiple required events. First, potential new members who register get to know and socialize with all active sororities on campus. During the next few days, events focus on themes such as sisterhood and philanthropy. These events provide deeper insight into each chapter for potential new members — known as PNMs. On Preference Night, a PNM makes her preference for which sorority she would like to join. At the same time, sororities make their formal invitations. If there is a match, PNMs can become members.

To register go to the Panhellenic Council website.