In pursuit of congruence and for the safety of all students, our community has policies and guidelines that all chapters must adhere to.


Relationship Policy
Governing policy for Fraternity and Sorority Life at NYU. This document defines our social fraternities and sororities, sets guidelines for chapter recognition, and outlines safety protocols.

Annual Evaluation
The Annual Evaluation holds chapters accountable for values congruence and recognizes high achievement. Using a common rubric, organizations reflect on the following key areas: Academic Success, Self-Awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Social Justice, Cognitive and Practical Skills, and Wellness. This document, in conjunction with all other FSL policies and guidelines, is the primary document for recognition.

Event and Risk Management Guidelines
Include rules, regulations, and risk management procedures to be followed by fraternities and sororities during events.

New Member Education and Intake Guidelines and Anti-Hazing Policy
Rules and regulations specifically for new member education and programs, including NYU’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Anti-Hazing Policy.

Expansion Guidelines
Rules and regulations for fraternity and sorority expansion or extension. Please note that NYU adheres to conditional growth and is currently closed for any and all expansion efforts.