The Annual Evaluation is a calendar year review of fraternity and sorority performance, achievements, and areas of improvement. Chapters are evaluated within the six domains of Fraternity and Sorority Life at New York University:

  1. Academic success
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Wellness and risk reduction
  4. Interpersonal relationships
  5. Social justice
  6. Chapter operations and development

The purpose of the evaluation is threefold: institutional accreditation, awards and recognition, and potential housing eligibility. As a result, the Center for Student Life will be able to analyze chapter performance, assist in improving operations, and critically examine and enhance the FSL membership experience.


Organizations are scored on a five-level rubric.

Post Evaluation

All chapters receiving a one or two star rating are placed on probation and required to develop a comprehensive improvement plan with FSL staff and their (inter)national headquarters. In addition, any chapter with a one-star rating is not permitted to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment or Intake programs. The plan(s) will have checkpoints throughout the year to hold the chapter accountable in their goals.