Wellness Workshops are designed to help students develop new skills that enhance personal, academic, and social well-being. They differ from CWS Groups in that they are more focused on skill acquisition and are only one to four sessions in duration. Please see the descriptions below for particular workshop lengths. Wellness Workshops are an excellent option for students as a part of the integrative treatment model of Counseling and Wellness Services at NYU.

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Join a Wellness Workshop

To join a Wellness Workshop, please call Counseling and Wellness Services at (212) 998-4780. The workshop leader will send you the Zoom meeting info prior to the start time.

Wellness Workshops are held virtually and are open to all students, including those residing out of state/country.

We ask, when attending our virtual workshops, that you find a private space to attend and turn your camera on in order to receive the best therapeutic effect. If you are in need of a private space to attend the workshop, you can use a space at 726 Broadway, Suite 471 by calling 212-998-4780.

For Additional Information

Contact Genny Cuocci, LCSW, CASAC, at (212) 992-5678 or gc914@nyu.edu.

Fall 2022 Virtual Wellness Workshops

The following workshops will be offered for the Fall 2022 semester. The days/times of these workshops are coming soon! Please call 212-998-4780 or email gc914@nyu.edu if you are interested in any of our workshops.

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First and third Mondays of the month, 2pm-3pm
"I'll do it tomorrow." How many times have you said that in the past week? Procrastination affects us all and can be a hard pattern to change. This one session module helps to identify areas of procrastination, the challenges we face, and teaches ways to set our goals not for tomorrow but today.

Time Management

First and second Tuesdays of the month, 3pm-4pm
Get a grip on time. Time management is one of the biggest challenges students face. This workshop addresses some of the primary hurdles to good time management, and offers tips and solutions for using time more effectively. It has two sessions and students are encouraged to sign up for both sessions.

ADHD Coaching: Intro to Executive Functioning Skills

Mondays, 1pm-2 pm (starting October 17) or Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm (starting October 18)
This workshop provides practical interventions that target the core areas of interest for students diagnosed with ADHD or who have ADHD-like symptoms, such as planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem solving.  Skills covered in this workshop are intended to assist you in identifying where you are now, where you want to be, and how you can get there.  Skills covered in this workshop may assist you in: maintaining focus to achieve identified goals; translating abstract goals into concrete actions; building motivation and finding ways to use abstract rewards effectively.



Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm
The practice of mindfulness can help promote resilience, improved stress management, and compassion for self and others. This workshop allows students to learn and practice a variety of mindfulness techniques as a means to promote good health of mind, body and spirit and meet the challenges of uncertain times. 

Breaking the Loop: Mindfulness for Habit Change

Second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, 3pm-4pm
Are you hooked into repetitive behaviors that are not aligned with your values and personal goals? These behaviors may include addictive behaviors such as social media habits, binge watching TV, avoidance, and using substances. This twice monthly workshop is designed to build awareness and give individuals options to replace  unhelpful behaviors. It will expand your ability to cope and respond creatively to everyday stressors by teaching mindfulness practices and other DBT skills.

Health and Wellness

Navigating Healthy Dating Relationships

Wednesdays 9am-10am or Thursdays, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Even the healthiest of relationships take work. Whether you’re already in a dating relationship, recently exited one, or are hoping to begin dating soon, this workshop will help you recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, learn skills for improved communication and conflict resolution and provide strategies for setting boundaries with your partner. Students are required to attend the sessions in order.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Tuesdays, October 18, October 25,  November 1, and November 8, 11am-12pm
Are you looking for a safe space to ask questions about sex and pleasure? This workshop is co-facilitated by experienced medical and mental health providers at the Student Health Center. Everyone is in different places in their journeys; some are exploring their sexual identities and orientations, while others are enacting specific sexual projects, which can be to not have sex, deepen intimacy or experiment to name a few projects. No matter where you are in your journey this workshop can be a place to discuss your goals, boundaries, communication, sexual transmitted infections, masturbation, different relationship models, BDSM, kinks and so much more. This workshop is a series of 4 sessions that can be attended at any point but is only offered once a semester.

Sweet Dreams: Sleep Hygiene Workshop

Thursdays, 12pm-1pm, starting October 27
This workshop will help students learn ways to practice healthy sleep hygiene and improve sleep quality.

Understanding Trauma

Mondays, 2pm-3pm
This one-session workshop is designed to provide you with a better understanding of what trauma is, and the ways in which trauma impacts your body, mind, behaviors and relationships. This workshop can also help students identify various options for treating trauma.

Eating Disorders: Info for Family and Friends

First Monday of the month, 6pm-7pm
This workshop is meant for students who have a friend, family member, roommate, or loved one with an eating disorder and who are looking to learn more about eating disorders and how to best support someone. Students will have the opportunity to learn from a mental health professional, ask questions, and also get support from other students who may be attending the workshop.

Substance Abuse: Info For Family and Friends

Fourth Monday of the month, 6pm-7pm
This workshop is meant for students who have a friend, family member, roommate, or loved one with a substance abuse problem and who are looking to learn more about substance abuse and how to best support someone. Students will have the opportunity to learn from a mental health professional, ask questions, and also get support from other students who may be attending the workshop.

Emotion Regulation

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Life Skills: Cultivate your Emotional Resiliency

Mondays, 4pm-5pm; Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm; Wednesdays, 9am-10am; Thursdays, 9am-10am; or Fridays, 2pm-3pm
Learning to be in charge of your emotional life is one of the most satisfying, empowering skills you can learn as a person. This workshop will teach you the nuts and bolts of the art and science of emotional regulation & resiliency. In four sessions, students will learn about

  1. Mindfulness - Learn the Art of Being Present
  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness - Social Skills for Conflicts
  3. Emotional Regulation - How to Plan for Emotional Wellness
  4. Distress Tolerance - Manage your Emotional Temperature

These courses run year-round, with each of the four topic areas recycling every month. Students may attend one section, or all four.

Improv Your Stress

Last Wednesday of the month, 2pm-3pm
Tests, papers, jobs, relationships and daily activities can be stressful and at times overwhelming. It can be important to engage with others to improve how we manage in difficult times. This workshop is designed based on the principles of improv and includes games and activities to tap into play and creativity, which can promote resilience and tolerance for uncertainty that are unavoidable parts of life. Join us once or come on a regular basis.

Stress Management During Uncertain Times

Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm
This workshop addresses stress related to current environmental stressors and events that may affect sense of safety and functioning. Such events include but are not limited to the current conflict in Ukraine,  racial injustices,  and political unrest. The workshop also acknowledges that COVID-19 has disrupted our sense of "normal" and has really stress tested our coping mechanisms. Whether you're coping well or floundering in stress, this workshop is designed to help you explore and, hopefully, gain a more helpful view of your own relationship with stress and what you can do about it if change is needed. This is a workshop designed to help you gain a different perspective on how you understand your own stress, identify signs of stress, and what you can do about it.


API Student Support Space

Every Friday , 2pm-3pm
This workshop is open to API (Asian and Pacific Islander identified) students and those students impacted by anti-Asian violence and microaggression. Participants will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

International Student Support Space

Every Wednesday, 4pm-5pm
Are you distressed about adjusting to a New Culture and staying engaged and connected at NYU during uncertain times? This workshop is open to all international and study abroad NYU Students interested in support around cultural adjustment and building coping strategies to manage acculturative distress. Topics will include challenges in communication and building connections remotely and in-person, social isolation and homesickness, academic distress, and self-care for international students.

Masculinity: Deeping Connection with Yourself and Others

Running Spring 2023
This workshop is designed to offer an affirming and supportive space for male-identified and on the masculine spectrum individuals to explore the modern experiences of masculinity. The workshops will focus on how socialized and cultural norms related to masculinity impact relationships, emotions, vulnerability, and well-being.

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