The Student Activities Board (SAB) serves to provide comprehensive leadership to student organizations at New York University. SAB oversees three principle aspects of student life--Allocations, Development, and Governance--and is comprised of sub-committees devoted to each. It is the responsibility of SAB to establish policies and procedures for the formation and regulation of student organizations registered with the NYU Center for Student life (CSL), allocate financial and physical resources, and arbitrate grievances involving student organizations. Finally, the Student Activities Board exists to advocate for student interest groups on campus and serves as an important link between the administration and the student community.

The mission of the Student Activities Board is to provide comprehensive leadership to enhance the student experience, support student organizations, encourage effective citizenship, develop student leaders, create community, and advocate for the student body.    

SAB Contact Information

Kimmel Center




2023-2024 SAB Leadership

Photo of Danny Tuyuc, SAB  Chair for 2022-2023

Cathy Wei
SAB Chair
CAS, Class of 2024
Clubs/Organization Involvement: Student Activity Board (SAB) Chair; Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) President 

Photo of Dylan Rhodes, SAB Vice Chair of Governance for 2022-2023

Dylan J. Rhodes
SAB Vice Chair of Governance
CAS, Class of 2025
Clubs/Organization Involvement: Wind Symphony, Lab Research Volunteer, SAB Governance Committee

Photo of Kuniya in purple suit in front of US Flag and NYU Violet background

Kuniya Asobayire
SAB Vice Chair of Allocations
College of Arts and Sciences & Wagner School of Public Service
Clubs/Organization Involvement: African Students Union


Sadie Toczek VC Development 22-23

Mary Carolonza
SAB Vice Chair of Development
Global Public Health and Applied Psychology, Class of 2024
Clubs/Organization Involvement: SAB, Alpha Phi Omega, 1831 Fund

Join The SAB!

The SAB is seeking dedicated students to join it’s various committees! The SAB supports and improves club life, makes recommendations concerning the policies, facilities, and services impacting All-University clubs. There are three committees, which interested students may apply for: Allocations, Development, and Governance.

Applications to join an SAB Committee will launch in September.

SAB white letter in red circle

2022-2023 SAB Important Dates

Date Description
FALL 2022  
August 28, 2022 New Club Development (NCD) 22-23 Application Opens

September 7 & 8, 2022

Fall 2022 Club Fest

September 15, 16, & 23 Fall 2022 Club Management Training
September 25, 2022

NCD 22-23 Application Deadline

December 2022 NCD 22-23 Application Decision Released
SPRING 2023  
February 2023 Spring 2023 Club Fest
February 2023 Spring 2023 Club Management Training
February/March 2023 NCD 22-23 Trial Period
March/April 2023 NCD 22-23 Approval Decisions
March/April 2023 2023 - 2024 SAB Club Officer Elections
April/May 2023 SAB Club 2023-2024 Re-registration

SAB New Club Development Program

All-University Clubs start by applying to the New Club Development (NCD) program. The program spans two semesters, and applicants from any year may apply for the program.

The 2022-2023 SAB NCD Application opened on August 28, 2023. It will close on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

Applications are reviewed and the SAB Development Committee determines which applicants can move forward with the program. All other applications will be given an additional opportunity to appeal to join the program.

The NCD program is a chance for club leaders to receive club management training from the SAB and the CSL. These trainings span leadership development to budgeting and financing an organization. Accepted applicants are then tasked with organizing a showcase event to establish their presence on campus.

Successful completion of all components of the NCD program leads to final approval from the SAB and official recognition as an All-University Club!


All SAB Club Policies and Procedures can be found on the SAB Club Officer Handbook (NYU Home login required).

Club Guidelines

All-University student organizations are an important and respected aspect of student life at New York University. With respect to the student community that these organizations serve, All-University student organizations are held to certain expectations to retain their status on campus. Below are a few key guidelines that are important for all members of the community to keep in mind. For a full list of guidelines, refer to the SAB Policies and Procedures.

Membership Rule: All Clubs must have at least two (2) club officers, a President and Treasurer. They may elect as many officers as necessary, but the club must have two general members for every one officer. Further, clubs shall have no more than two-thirds (2/3) of its membership from any one school.

Events Rule: Clubs must hold three events per semester that are open to the entire NYU student body.
Publications must publish one publication per semester.
Theme Weeks must host three (3) events in the designated period.
Theme Months must host seven (7) events in the designated period.

Visible Impact: Every club must make an effort to have well-publicized events and have an impact on the NYU community.

Good Conduct: Every club must act in a manner befitting the student community and using privileged resources in a way that most equitably and efficiently uses student resources to benefit not just the club, but the student body at large as well.

Budget Allocation Information

The SAB Clubs Presidents & Treasurers of SAB Clubs active and re-registered for the upcoming year on NYU Engage, will receive important information regading their organization's Budget Request for the upcoming year.

The following criteria may be considered in determining a organization's budget allocation:

  • The relationship between an organization's stated purpose and the nature of the activities for which it is requesting SAB funding.
  • The current size of an organization and the organization's past membership trends.
  • The scope of the University-wide participation in activities sponsored by the organization.
  • The impact of the organization on the University community.
  • The organization's financial history (e.g., percentage of allocation actually spent in past budget years).
  • The completeness and seriousness of the application for funding.
  • The organization's compliance with, SAB, CSL, and University policies.
  • The organization's successful completion of SAB’s NCD Program, if applicable.
  • Any other criteria reasonably related to an organization's request, allocation or use of SAB funds.
Budget Allocation

Please Note: 2022-2023 Budget Allocations are based on 2019-2020 Budget Maximums. Clubs cannot request more than this.  


All registered SAB Club Presidents & Treasurers were personally emailed with detailed instructions on how to apply for their SAB Club Budgets. There is no budget appeals process at this time.

Budget Appeals

At this time, there will be no appeals process for SAB Club 2022-2023 Budget Requests.  

Contingency Funding

At this time, there are no contingency funds available for SAB Clubs for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Contingency Funding

At this time, there is no SAB Contingency Request Process. If you believe your club needs addtional funding after spending it's SAB 2022-2023 Budget Allocation, please email the SAB.