At NYU Admissions, our goal is to connect exceptionally talented students with a best-fit university experience through a wide variety of initiatives: our presence at college fairs, visits to high schools, events on-campus and across the world, and through communications efforts, both online and in print.

We are firm believers that the more you know about a college or university, the better prepared you will be to complete your application, and ultimately make an informed decision about where to enroll.

We encourage you to join our mailing list by completing the mailing list form, filling out an inquiry card at an event with an NYU representative, or by telling one of our partners (RaiseMe, the Common Application, Hobsons, The Princeton Review etc.) that you’re interested in NYU. Once you do so, we’ll be in touch over the coming months or years so that you can begin to imagine yourself as an NYU student. Of course, you can also opt-out at any time. Doing so will never have any impact on your admissions decision, but you may miss out on important updates and reminders as the application deadline for your indicated term of interest approaches.

If you never directly opted in to our mailing list through our website or at one of our events, you may be wondering why you’ve started hearing from us. NYU Admissions participates in a process known as “student search.” This is one way that colleges and universities are able to partner with organizations such as the College Board and ACT to identify students who may be a good fit for their institutions. When you sign up for certain examinations or college search services, you are often offered the opportunity to opt-in to this program. If you opt-in with one of those agencies they will transfer your contact information to us, and we will send a few communications encouraging you to join our contact list. If you don’t opt-in after those communications, we’ll stop reaching out. At no point in this process is NYU able to determine your specific test score, academic profile, or other academic information not available on our mailing list form.

How to Unsubscribe

If a student wishes to stop receiving our communications, the student may request to do so at any time either by using the opt-out link on our email messages, or by sending a message to requesting to be removed. Please include your full name, e-mail address, date of birth, and NYU identification number (if applicable). If you email us to be removed from the mailing list, please allow 7-10 days for us to process your request.

Stay in the Loop About NYU

Join our contact list for the latest information about the university, including invitations to special events and details of our admissions and financial aid process.

You can also follow us through Meet NYU for things like tips on applying, a behind the scenes view of life in the admissions office, scenes from campus, and much more.