Get out of the classroom and into the community!  Immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and learn how policy issues relate to the development process.

The NYU Accra Internship Program is an unparalleled opportunity to explore the city and discover how organizations address key issues facing Accra, Ghana, and West Africa. Learn more about Ghanaian society and culture through placements with agencies addressing important social issues. There is probably no better way to understand the challenge of development than through internships with the public, private, or non-governmental sector. Interns are placed with organizations working on a variety of issues including the arts, aging, AIDS, healthcare, micro-finance, and more. You must be flexible, open minded, adaptable, and ready for the challenge of new situations. If you are, we encourage you to apply for the NYU Accra Internship Program.

Potential Internship Placements

NYU Accra has two great ways for students to get involved in the community.

1) Academic Internship Program
If accepted into this competitive program, students will participate in an internship for a minimum of ten hours per week for twelve weeks and earn academic credit by enrolling in a required 4-credit seminar course: NODEP-UA 9982/INDIV-UG 9050 (application required, details below).

2) Volunteer and Community Service Program
This program is open to all students and generally involves fewer hours per week than the academic internship program. Students who select this option will not enroll in an academic course or earn academic credit related to their internship.

How to Apply

Wasserman Center Global Internship Grant - Fall 2021

Apply for a $1,000 grant!

DEADLINE: Wednesday, Novermber 10, 2021 at 11:59PM EST, Job ID 5117971

Pursuing an unpaid internship at a not-for-profit organization or within an industry that does not traditionally pay interns (arts, entertainment, media, nonprofit, education, etc.) this fall? Apply now for the Internship Grant! Check out our website for more information.

Placement Opportunities

Responsibilities vary by agency, but we require all students to be involved in projects that contribute to their understanding of the organization and its approach to social issues. This might include project implementation, participation in relevant meetings, research, and production of documents or other materials.

The following is a preliminary and tentative list. Flexibility is important. Also, note that, tasks for interns may change depending on current needs of the organization.

Application Deadline


The Academic Internship Program requires a separate application. Students can apply for the program only after they have submitted their Study Away application.

*ALL Resume Reviews must be completed in advance of application

Internship Spotlights

The following Makers of Accra internship highlights were produced by Creátures, a Ghanaian creative communication lab. An NYU Accra student interned with Creátures in Spring 2012 and collaborated on Makers of Accra, a video series featuring Ghanaian businesses and organizations, and some of the many internship opportunities available at NYU Accra. Students wishing to share their Ghanaian internship experiences should email



Legal Resource Center


New Horizon Special School

City Of Refuge


Osu Children's Library Fund

BASICS International