Home + Discordance = US

Exhibition Dates September 15 through October 14

Solas Nua, in collaboration with the NYU Brademas Center and NYU Washington, DC is pleased to present Home + Discordance = US, an exhibition that explores the idea of the US as a place of "home". Typically the word home conjures up an image of warmth, welcome and a place of safety. However, for some that image does not fully hold true; some are less welcome than others, some are less equal and some are less safe. 

The exploration of the Irish immigrant experience of defending home, leaving home and making new homes is one frequently addressed in Solas Nua’s programming. This experience is not singular to the Irish but is universal and one that is shared by all communities in the US be they immigrant or indigenous.

This exhibition and series has been made possible by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, Glucksman Ireland House of New York University, and the Embassy of Ireland

Home + Discordance = US

In order to explore this theme of Home + Discordance = US​ an exciting group of DC-based​ artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition. They represent a broad cross-cultural perspective on the exhibition concept, including African-American, American, Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian-American, Native American, Mexican-American, Irish, Lebanese and Japanese.

Opening Reception and Performances

Including live artist​ performances by Heloisa Escudero and Tsedaye Makonnen, story-telling by Sheldon Scott and call-and-response poetry by Holly Bass.

Emerald City Film Screening and Q&A with Director

This film explores the lives of immigrant Irish construction workers in New York City and will be followed by a Q&A with director Colin Broderick via Skype.

Culture Mix: What is Home

A Conversation among a diverse group of Washingtonians about 'Home' - leaving, returning, becoming and settling. The conversation will be highlighted and illustrated by poetry readings and live music.

Solas Nua, ‘new light’ in Irish, is the only organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to contemporary Irish arts. Based in Washington, D.C., their mission is to bring the best new Irish artistic talent to American audiences. 


Glucksman Ireland House NYU is the center for Irish and Irish-American Studies at New York University. With courses in history, Irish language, literature, music, and politics, their mission is to foster excellence in the study of Ireland, Irish America and the Irish Diaspora in New York and the global communities.