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Echoes of One World: Screening of Lost in Lebanon

November 14, 2017

Lost in Lebanon

NYU Washington, DC and the Embassy of the Czech Republic presented the documentary series, Echoes of One World.

One World is the biggest human rights film festival in the world, held annually in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic, with a selection later shown in Brussels and other countries.

This screening of Lost in Lebanon was followed by a discussion with Washington Correspondent for Al-Hayat, Joyce Karam, and assoiate professor and research director at the University of Lyon 2, Fabrice Balanche. 

Lost in Lebanon


Georgia Scott
Sophia Scott

Groundtruth Productions

Lebanon is a country of barely five million inhabitants, where more than a million Syrian refugees have found refuge. Fearing that the situation would spiral out of control, in 2015 the Lebanese government began tightening its asylum policy. As a result of new visa restrictions, some 80% of Syrians found themselves in the position of illegal migrants. The film interweaves four stories showing the extreme situations that people who are denied the right to a home are exposed to. What opportunities do fleeing Syrians have left when they cannot go back and neighbouring countries Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon cannot afford to take on hundreds of thousands of newcomers?

81 min., 2016, UK

Meet the Panel

Fabrice Balanche

Fabrice Balanche

Fabrice Balanche, an associate professor and research director at the University of Lyon 2, is a visiting fellow at The Washington Institute. Balanche, who also directs the Research Group on the Mediterranean and the Middle East (GREMMO), has spent ten years in Lebanon and Syria.

Joyce Karam

Joyce Karam

Joyce Karam is the Washington Bureau Chief for Al-Hayat Newspaper, an International Arabic Daily based in London. She has covered American politics extensively since 2004 with focus on U.S. policy towards the Middle East.