November 13, 2017

Normal Autistic Film

NYU Washington, DC and the Embassy of the Czech Republic presented the documentary series, Echoes of One World.

One World is the biggest human rights film festival in the world, held annually in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic, with a selection later shown in Brussels and other countries.

Arms Ready


Barbora Chalupová

Zuzana Walter

Why do Czech citizens want to possess firearms and how easy are they to acquire? Four young women discuss the phenomenon of the legal and illegal possession of firearms in a wager in which each of them tries to obtain a deadly weapon without owning a licence. Buying a gun from a secret website or printing one on a 3D printer proves relatively easy. In the first part of the film, the director makes creative use of a web interface on which reports and interviews with people connected with guns are placed. The documentary then takes viewers on an adventure in which the protagonists head to the dark corners of physical and electronic reality.

Normal Autistic Film


Miroslav Janek

Jan Macola
Mimesis Film

Tonička Janková

Daniel Němec
Matěj Němec

What “aspík” means? And what do autistic people, the Little Prince and aliens have in common? The five child and adolescent protagonists in the film live with a label that separates them from others. But who is to say what is normal and what is not? Acclaimed Czech film maker Miroslav Janek has made an extraordinary film about extraordinary people who are challenging the misconception that autism is a disease. The film is full of poetic images, famous piano pieces, autistic rap, philosophical reflections about the universe, death, friendship and the world of fairies, as well as the bold plans of a future demolition crew member. Basically your typical, everyday autistic film.


88 min., 2016, Czech Republic