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One Journey Film Festival

February 22, 2018

Salam Neighbor

A journey is underway … a journey of understanding that is changing the conversation about refugees … a journey that will make every refugee feel welcome in their new country, and every citizen a welcoming friend. For people of good will in cities and towns nationwide, this journey has become a movement.

NYU Washington, DC in collaboration with One Journey hosted a film screening of Salam Neighbor, an award-winning film and campaign to connect the world to refugees. Immerse into the life of a Syrian refugee through the journey of Chris and Zach as the first filmmakers allowed to be registered and given a tent inside of a refugee camp. 

A panel discussion followed the film. 


Hayde Fitzpatrick

Hayde Fitzpatrick

Mike Niconchuk

Mike Niconchuk

Janella Nelson

Janella Nelson

Sayre Nyce

Sayre Nyce


Producer: Salam Darwaza

Producer: Mohab Khattab

Director/Producer: Zach Ingrasci

Director/Producer: Chris Temple

Director of Photography: Sean Kusanagi

Film Editor: Mohamed El Manasterly

Composer: Snuffy Walden

Composer: Patrick Rose

Interpreter/Fixer: Ibraheem Shaheen

Screening: Salam Neighbor is an award-winning feature documentary and campaign to connect the world to refugees. Our goal is to tell the stories of our refugee neighbors with the dignity they deserve and the depth the world needs. We hope you’ll join this effort by watching the film, sharing these stories and getting involved.

This is a critical moment, with more refugees today than anytime in the last century. More than 4.8 million people have fled Syria alone to escape the atrocities of war. Right now, we are at risk of losing a generation of youth, further destabilizing the region, and perpetuating a cycle of violence and poverty.

In an effort to better understand refugee life, we spent one month living alongside displaced families in the Za’atari refugee camp. As the first filmmakers ever allowed by the United Nations to be given a tent and registered inside a refugee camp, we were able to get a never before seen look into the world’s most pressing crisis. Our experience uncovered overwhelming trauma but also the untapped potential our uprooted neighbors posses. With the right programs we can support healing, ease the burden on host countries and even empower the disenfranchised by unleashing people’s creativity.

The full-length feature runs 75 minutes. 

The One Journey Festival

This free three-part film series is being held to raise awareness about the One Journey Festival on June 2nd, 2018, an all-day celebration on the front lawn of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The festival will build connection among cultures as we celebrate refugee talents, stories and accomplishments through the shared languages of humanity: food, fashion, music and dance. The festival is a partnership of the Washington National Cathedral, NOVA Friends of Refugees, and Refugees International.