September 4, 2020

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Programming for this co-curricular commenced at the end of the first week of classes in the Fall 2020 semester, and were required for all NYU DC students as part of fall orientation. As with most global sites, there are mandatory programs during Welcome Week that provide an introduction and historical overview of the city of study. This was part of that offering to students in Washington, D.C. featuring a lecture by G. Derek Musgrove on the DC Black Power Movement, and his book co-written with Chris Asch: Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital.

Vicky Kiechel, NYU DC Global Leadership Advisor and Part-Time Lecturer, introduced a video walking tour of DC focusing on neighborhoods and landmarks that illustrate the Black experience in the nation’s capital from slavery to the civil rights movement.

These two events acted as the starting point for this broader series of programs, not mandatory, for students to continue to enhance their knowledge about Washington, D.C. as Chocolate City, as well as the continuing movement today of Black Lives Matter. 

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G. Derek Musgrove, Ph.D.

G. Derek Musgrove, Ph.D.

G. Derek Musgrove, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of history at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He is the author of Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics: How the Harassment of Black Elected Officials Shaped Post-Civil Rights America (University of Georgia Press, 2012) which examines black elected officials' allegations of state and news media "harassment" over the course of the post civil rights period. Dr. Musgrove has received the 2003-2004 Anne E. Plato predoctoral fellowship at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and the 2007-2008 postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for African American Urban Studies and the Economy at Carnegie Mellon University to support his work. He received his Ph.D. in U.S. history from New York University in 2005.