NYU Washington DC Internships

NYU Washington, DC provides students with unique opportunities to intern with one of numerous organizations including NGOs, media outlets, or museums and experience first hand the close connection between international affairs and everyday life.

NYU is here to provide supports as you go through the process of finding and applying for internships. To start the process, go to our internship preparation form for PART 1 and 2 where you'll start (or continue to develop) your relationship with NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development.

Opportunities for internships are identified in several ways. Based on your interests and course of study, select the topic that best aligns with your curriculum below. Once you have selected your area of interest, you will be directed to a page that will allow you to select the type of placement or experience you prefer. Once you select the type of placement, you will finally be directed to a list of available opportunities to which you will be able to apply. Then go back to our form to start PART 3 of our process to keep us informed of where you're applying.  


Students who secure an internship through or with the assistance of NYU Washington, DC must confirm their spot in the program and enroll in the internship class in order to accept the internship. Many NYU departments (including SCA & Environmental Studies) allow the Washington, DC internship course to satisfy major requirements. Always consult with your academic adviser to confirm how the internship course and other courses you will take while away fit in with your academic progress towards degree fulfillment. Students are required to pursue a minimum of 10 hours/week in their internships to earn course credit. NYU Washington, DC advises that students pursue no more than 20 hrs/week in internship commitments. If students elect to participate in an internship that exceeds the recommended number of hours, they may be advised to reduce their academic course load. Students are highly encouraged to consult NYU Washington, DC staff for assistance with these decisions.

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