Students gather in the quad to socialize and relax.

Living in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is considered Israel's most secular city that still maintains its Hebrew language and culture. It ranks third after Tokyo and Paris as the city with the most news agencies. Tel Aviv serves as a base for foreign journalists who report on the entire Middle East.

Tel Aviv is a unique city with an eclectic mix of cultures. A thoughtfully planned extracurricular program allows NYU students to interact with Israeli society and advance their understanding and appreciation of the various people that live in the region. 

Get to Know your Neighborhood

All students live in NYU-arranged housing located in a residential neighborhood near Yarkon Park (often compared to New York?s Central Park) with its sports facilities, botanical gardens, aviary, water park, concert venues, a running path, and picnic areas.

Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem

Events and Excursions

Through planned excursions NYU Tel Aviv students discover the many wonders of Israel; hikes through the Golan Heights, tours of the Old City of Jerusalem, and to the city of Safed, a visit to a mountain-top community of artists and mystics.

Personal travel may lead you to neighboring countries to see the Pyramids in Egypt, the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra in Jordan reachable from Israel on a day trip, spend a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey, or visit the beautiful island Cyprus.

Below is a list of places some of our students have traveled during their semester(s) abroad. Please note that NYU does not offer staff-sponsored excursions to all destinations below.