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Faculty Spotlight

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Lyron Wahrmann

Lyron has years of experience in various high-level management and R&D positions. He established and headed the Citi Technology Innovation Center in Israel until 2016; today, the center employs ~200 people developing applications for Citi Institutional Bank, Information Security and Compliance. Before joining Citi, Lyron served as R&D director at SuperDerivatives (sold to ICE for $350M), a global leader in cloud based market data, derivatives trading technology and analytics. Today, Lyron is in the process of founding a FinTech startup leveraging artificial intelligence to build a robo-analyst. Lyron earned a M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the Technion, the Israeli institute of technology as well as a B.A in Business Management and in International Relations from the Hebrew University. In addition to NYU Tel Aviv, he also teaches at IDC Herzliya.