Female professor and two male students at a museum art exhibit

The program’s extensive co-curricular programming will allow you to explore the great city of Tel Aviv and afford you opportunities for interacting with Israel’s varied population. A particular course may include a visit to Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, or let you participate as part of a co-curricular activity in a series of discussions with Jewish and Arab Israeli students. Other co-curricular activities will include trips to Israel’s many historic sites and their particular relevance for different groups.

Explore beyond the classroom. Challenge the boundaries of polarized thinking and received ideologies. NYU Tel Aviv faculty and staff are committed to creating a Center where active learning and exploration are the norm. Courses and projects rooted in the community, field-based research, and internship opportunities will give you entrée to domains of local society and culture that casual visitors or academic tourists never see. Most courses integrate site visits and field trips into the curriculum, and guest lecturers with special expertise are invited to visit and share their knowledge with students and faculty at the Center.

At the same time that we engage with surrounding communities, we also cultivate our own engaging, supportive community at NYU Tel Aviv. A full-time and highly dedicated student affairs staff will organize trips and excursions to explore the region and to help students immerse themselves in local culture. Tel Aviv is a hub for cultural and performing arts, and the activities calendar takes advantage of the numerous local opportunities. Planned excursions will also lead students to other wonders of Israel, such as hikes through the Golan Heights, tours of the Old City of Jerusalem, and to the city of Safed, a mountain-top community of artists and mystics. Personal travel may lead you to neighboring countries to see the Pyramids in Egypt, the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra in Jordan reachable from Israel on a day trip, spend a weekend in Istanbul, Turkey, or visit the beautiful island Cyprus.


NYU Tel Aviv will also provide you with unique opportunities to intern with one of numerous organizations including businesses, media outlets, or museums and experience first hand the close connection between international affairs and everyday life in the region.