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Priority: February 15
Regular: March 15

Director's Statement

Tel Aviv is a young city, as it influences and shapes world humanity, with just over one hundred years of history; it is the business and cultural heart of Israel, a country with more than three millennia of history and culture.

Israel is a fascinating country in which to travel, study and do research. The country serves as “God’s little museum”: the lowest place on earth (The Dead Sea) vs. high mountains (ski in the Hermon); beautiful sea beaches along the Mediterranean vs. desert wilderness; wild rare fauna (Persian Fallow Deer) and flora; vibrant modern cities (Tel Aviv) vs. holy cities (Jerusalem).

Israel boasts several Nobel Prize winners; its science research is among the best in the world and its entrepreneurship and innovations skills are world reknown as recorded in the famous book Start-Up Nation. One can see many small start‐up companies as well as entrepreneurship incubator hubs along beautiful Rothschild Avenue in the center of Tel Aviv. Israel also enjoys fantastic academic research in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Arts. Tel Aviv, for example, has a vibrant, world‐class modern dance scene.

Greater Tel Aviv‐Jaffa is an outstanding academic place and a popular destination for international students and faculty. In addition, Tel Aviv offers young people a dynamic student life with its bustling nightlife, lively art scene, gay‐friendly attitude, and 14‐ kilometer beach. The city is a great contrast to Jerusalem, an ancient religious Holy City on the Judean Hills.

NYU Tel Aviv offers courses in Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies (including intensive study of Hebrew and Arabic), the Sciences and business entrepreneurship and innovations in addition to courses on Israeli cinema, Queer Theory, journalism, history, and conflict resolution.

If you study at NYU Tel Aviv, you will be exposed to the wonders of the Ancient and the Modern worlds at the same time; enjoy great academic minds, taste fantastic innovative fresh Mediterranean food and delight yourself in the art scene here.

Benjamin Hary, Ph.D. (Berkeley)

Professor, Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies,

New York University

Director of New York University, Tel Aviv

Headshot of NYU Tel Aviv Director, Benjamin Hary

Benjamin Hary, Ph.D. - NYU Tel Aviv