Students attending an art workshop

Students attending an art workshop

NYU students often express interest in meeting local students while studying in Sydney. To assist with this goal, all students are provided with instructions for joining clubs and organizations at the three largest (by enrolment) universities in Sydney.

By joining a club, organization or society at one of the Sydney universities, NYU students can meet local students that share their interests. In previous semesters, students have played on sporting teams, practiced the foreign language of their choice, performed with dance groups and enjoyed membership in clubs of interest.

Student working at casual job

Student working as researcher at local health center

While studying in Sydney students are encouraged to consider pursuing part time employment. As visitors, NYU Sydney students are eligible to work in Australia with very few employment restrictions. Students can consider pursuing employment in support of future career aspirations or as a way to earn extra pocket money. Australia’s minimum wage is relatively high at $18.93 AUD per hour and casual employees earn an additional 25% loading.

Part time and casual employment provides a great platform for both meeting local people and further immersion in Australian culture. Students interested in working in Australia can get a head start on employment eligibility by visting the Australian Tax Office website to apply for a tax file number.

The Student Life team are available to discuss employment options in Sydney and offer hints and suggestions for students interested in working during the semester.