Follow former Sydney student, Marc Sapeg on a tour through Bali

Regional and International Travel

NYU Sydney is a gateway to the southern hemisphere. Sydney can serve as a staging point for visits to locations such as: New Zealand, Fiji, Bali, Malaysia and Thailand, or free time can be spent touring Australia’s beautiful coastline or any number of beautiful inland destinations. Australia’s land area is roughly as large as continental United States and with its breathtaking landscapes and unique flora and fauna students can spend every spare moment exploring Australia and barely scratch the surface.

If you plan to travel while studying in Sydney you might find the information below helpful.

** The information below is general advice only. If you plan to travel overseas during your semester away the NYU Sydney team recommend that you thoroughly research the location/s you intend to visit. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with local customs, laws and emergency service resources. Take notice of any travel warnings issued by the US Department of State or the government agency responsible for issuing alerts for your country.  Avoid areas that are considered unsafe for tourists.

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