Due to the ongoing Covid-19-related lockdowns in the Greater Sydney area, and ongoing concerns from the continued border restrictions, NYU is planning to resume enrolling students at NYU Sydney for study in Fall 2022. Please stay tuned for future study away opportunities in Australia.


Students enjoying an iced coffee on Bondi Beach

Students enjoying an iced beverage on Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach

Student Life in Sydney

The NYU Sydney Student Life team provides support to students from the moment they arrive in Sydney until the day they depart. Each member of the team has spent significant time studying and traveling abroad. They fully understand the value and significance of the study away experience.

NYU Sydney staff join students on every sponsored trip, and with offices in the academic center, they are available whenever classes are scheduled. A member of the team will also be available by phone to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

The team will encourage students to explore Sydney, help to create friendships, assist with making medical appointments, and keep the cohort connected to all things NYU Sydney. 

"We are here to help each and every student make the most of their time away." - Marcus Neeld, Assistant Director, Student Life. 

Students studying together in Hyde Park

Students studying together in Hyde Park

Students on a group excursion

Students on a group excursion

Community & The Shared Experience

Our team understands that students come to NYU Sydney from across the university. Most students meet each other for the first time at either the pre-departure orientation or during O-Week in Sydney. With this in mind, our trips and excursions are designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of Australia, and serve as a platform for students to meet other members of the cohort.

All members of the cohort are invited to attend every sponsored event and there is room for every student at all large-scale activities. The NYU Sydney team tries to schedule at least one activity each week. There are countless opportunities to make friends while studying away in Sydney.