Due to the ongoing Covid-19-related lockdowns in the Greater Sydney area, and ongoing concerns from the continued border restrictions, NYU is planning to resume enrolling students at NYU Sydney for study in Fall 2022. Please stay tuned for future study away opportunities in Australia.

NYU Sydney offers courses in a wide range of disciplines that typically include business, psychology, media, communications, literature, environmental studies, history, anthropology and public health. There are numerous opportunities for field work and site visits that help students incorporate the city and its culture into their learning. Class trips regularly give students access to unique experiences across the city’s diverse neighborhoods and institutions.

NYU Sydney offers students an exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand about Indigenous Australian art and culture. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sustained the world's longest continuous civilization. Our location in the Southern Hemisphere, within the dynamic Indo-Pacific region, presents unique perspectives that can broaden students' understanding of their respective academic disciplines.  

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