NYU Sydney offers courses in a wide range of disciplines including business, psychology, journalism, media, communications, literature, creative writing, environmental studies, history, anthropology and public health. We also support students on the pre-health track with lectures and labs in organic chemistry, physics and biology. There are numerous opportunities for field work and site visits that help students incorporate the city and its culture into their learning. Class trips regularly give students access to unique experiences across the city’s diverse neighborhoods and institutions.

NYU Sydney offers students an exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand about Indigenous Australian art and culture. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sustained the world's longest continuous civilization. Our location in the Southern Hemisphere, within the dynamic Indo-Pacific region, presents unique perspectives that can broaden students' understanding of their respective academic disciplines.  

New Courses

Management and Organizations - MGMT-UB 9001

This course will investigate the nature, functions, and responsibilities of the management of organizations. Students will develops an analytical approach to the identification, structuring, analysis, and solution of organizational problems. Student will also be interoduced to organizational policies and structures, functional areas, and production processes (including resource allocation, measurement and evaluation, and control), leadership style, and organizational adaptation and evolution.  

Sports Media Strategies - TCSM1-UC 2500G

This course involves an in-depth examination of the different channels of media distribution necessary to adequately market and promote sports activities. Topics to be covered include: broadcast distribution of sports properties via rights fee as compared to time buy in all forms of traditional and digital media; the value of local and international endorsements; using media distribution for direct marketing or indirect public relations; the impact of new technology on sports media strategy formulation; and legal ramifications of defamation, false light and unfair use of proprietary material.

Cognitive Neuroscience -PSYCH-UA 9025

This course provides students with a broad understanding of the foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience including dominant theories of the neural underpinnings of a variety of cognitive processes and the research that has led to those theories. In doing so, students also learn about the goals of cognitive neuroscience research and the methods that are being employed to reach these goals.

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