Director's Statement

Sydney is a dynamic city on a unique continent with a fascinating history. Home to immigrants from around the globe, and considered one of the great multicultural cities of the world, Sydney reflects the foundation of modern Australia.

The NYU Sydney academic centre is located in the historic district of the Rocks. Our Heritage‐protected building has been prized since it was first constructed, winning the Sir Sulman Medal for architectural design in 1932. The original tenants were the scientists of the Royal Society, and so the building is known as “Science House”. It is only steps from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House—together forming the iconic backdrop to the 2000 Olympic games, when Sydney invited the world to “come share our hopes; share our dreams; share our spirit”.

Although Sydney is a portal to Australia’s 200+ years of immigrant history, it is also a counterpoint to Australia’s 20,000+ years of Indigenous roots. The original inhabitants of this coastal land were the Cadigal aboriginal people. Like other Australian indigenous communities, their cultural traditions and oral history reveal an extraordinary timeline with profound connections to indigenous ancestors, to the vast and beautiful landscape, and to the unique flora and fauna. This is a continent that has developed in isolation for 50 million years, giving rise to an impressive diversity of native plants and animals.

NYU Sydney’s curriculum takes full advantage of our location and access to this unique and inspiring country. Our rigorous courses and co‐curricular activities encourage active learning and exploration. NYU Sydney strives to provide a lens for seeing the real Australia, and hence for visiting students to view the world from a fresh perspective. Our talented and friendly staff and faculty will help you make the most of your adventure down under.

Mal Semple, Ph.D.
Professor of Neural Science and Psychology
Director, NYU Sydney

Mal Semple

Mal Semple, Ph.D. - NYU Sydney