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Red-Tailed Hawks at NYU

Hawk Cam: Live from the Nest

Watch live streaming video from nyu_hawkcam at

Bobby is back with his partner Rosie - and they're on the nest this spring!
Keep an eye on the Hawkcam as the grand pageant of nature plays out once again right here in the city.

About the hawks

Bobby & VioletNYU is committed to protecting biodiversity — for its own merit, and to enhance our pedagogical mission to educate students and engage the public. When Bobby and Violet, a pair of red-tailed hawks, made their home on the windowsill outside President John Sexton’s office on the 12th floor of Bobst Library, they took the city by storm.

Millions watched the “Hawkcam” video streaming live on the internet, witnessing these intensely beautiful and sophisticated creatures as they built a nest, laid eggs, and successfully hatched and fledged offspring - only to experience sorrow first-hand as Violet passed away after being captured by authorities for emergency surgery for a prior leg injury.

The red-tailed hawks are just one example of urban biodiversity. Just look at the dozens of street tree species, butterflies and honeybees pollinating flowerbeds, and indigenous landscaping on green rooftops and courtyards. Nature is itself “in and of the city,” and NYU is striving to better integrate biodiversity into its building design, landscaping and other practices for a more holistic approach to environmental decision-making.


Q. How do I tell the difference between Bobby and Violet?
A. Females are normally larger, and we can assume that Violet is the one on the eggs most of the time. It also seems that Violet has a small white mark on the back of her head.

Q. How big are they?
A. 20-25 inches long, with a 4½ foot wingspan.

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About NYU Sustainability

As a private university in the public service, NYU has a responsibility to embed environmental values at the core of its administrative operations and academic mission. Sustainability means bringing together diverse segments of our community—students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and neighbors—to improve NYU's environmental performance and foster a "green" campus culture. » more