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NYU Bike Share Pilot Program
In 2008, undergrad students Lindsi Seegmiller and Julia Ehrman spearheaded an effort to test the viability of a bikesharing program at NYU, which gave rise to the current NYU BikeShare program used today by thousands of university students, staff, and faculty.
Year: 2008
Type: Engagement
Leadership: Student
Topic: Transportation
Status: Institutionalized

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The NYU BikeShare allows university students, staff and faculty to check out a bike for same-day use, free of charge. After two years of development dating back to early 2008, the NYU BikeShare officially opened in the summer of 2010. Since then, the program has grown exponentially to over 2,000 registered users as of February 2014. The number of bikes and locations has also expanded in step with demand from the original 30 bikes across two locations to our current fleet of 80 bikes across 13 locations in Lower and Midtown Manhattan. 

As the program continues to innovate and evolve, NYU BikeShare users can expect to see refurbished bikes of all styles incorporated into the fleet. By upcycling these once-forgotten rides, the NYU BikeShare is able to reduce its carbon footprint in sourcing bikes while teaching students lifelong skills in bike repair and maintenance. 

Ultimately, the program seeks to answer one question through the experience it has already provided thousands who've tried it: Why should I get on a bike? Bikes allow us to get places quickly, sustainably, enjoyably, sexily, healthily, and affordably - all with a heaping dash of thrill. Our goal is to make this experience a reality for the more than 50,000 individuals who call NYU home.  

Can you resist the thrill of the ride?

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