Long-Term Group Housing

General Eligibility

NYU Summer Housing offers long-term housing in NYU residence halls to both NYU and non-affiliated groups and organizations based on the following criteria:

Participants of long-term groups are not required to be enrolled in summer classes at NYU, however, priority for reservations is given to NYU programs.

NYU Summer Housing does not provide family housing or mixed gender housing for groups.

Any organization making an initial request for housing will be required to provide a detailed overview regarding their program upon request.

Non-NYU organizations whose programs are similar in nature to any NYU sponsored program or coursework are not eligible for group housing accommodations.

Submission of a request is not a guarantee of a placement offer.

2020 Traditional Hall Rates (per person, per week)

All housing rates are per resident per week. The rates vary by type of accommodation, the number of occupants per bedroom, and the group affiliation.



Non-air conditioned*


to all residents

Meal plan required
(rates at bottom of page)



Non-air conditioned*


to all residents

Meal plan required
(rates at bottom of page)





to all residents

Meal plan required
(rates at bottom of page)





to all residents

Meal plan required
(rates at bottom of page)

* Residents are not permitted to bring in a personal air-conditioner

2020 Apartment-Style Hall Rates (per person, per week)





to all residents

Meal plan





to all residents

Meal plan

** Reduced rate is available for NYU-affiliated groups only in specific residence halls.

2020 Meal Plan Rates

8 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


10 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


12 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


17 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week


21 Meals

+ $30 Dining Dollars/week



Week 1 check-in begins on Monday, May 25, 2020.

The final check-out date for Summer 2020 is Saturday, August 15, 2020.

A minimum stay of 8 weeks is highly preferred for non-affiliated programs. If your program is not affiliated and is less than 8 weeks, please submit your request as early as possible and note that it is less likely that we will be able to accommodate specific hall requests.

Submission of a request is not a guarantee of a placement offer.

Summer 2020 Weekly Schedule

Week 01
Monday, May 25 –
Saturday, May 30
Week 02
Sunday, May 31 –
Saturday, June 6
Week 03
Sunday, June 7 –
Saturday, June 13
Week 04
Sunday, June 14 –
Saturday, June 20
Week 05
Sunday, June 21 –
Saturday, June 27
Week 06
Sunday, June 28 –
Saturday, July 4
Week 07
Sunday, July 5 –
Saturday, July 11
Week 08
Sunday, July 12 –
Saturday, July 18
Week 09
Sunday, July 19 –
Saturday, July 25
Week 10
Sunday, July 26 –
Saturday, August 1
Week 11
Sunday, August 2 –
Saturday, August 8
Week 12
Sunday, August 9 –
Saturday, August 15

Residence Hall Accommodations

NYU residence halls are conveniently located throughout lower Manhattan as well as downtown Brooklyn. All locations are located near public transportation offering easy access to all parts of New York City.

All residence halls are coed by floor. Individual bedrooms and suites are single sex. NYU residence halls are smoke-free and smoking is not permitted in any area within the residence hall, including private living areas. For more information on our policies, please click here. Residents are responsible for cleaning their bedrooms and all shared areas within their suite.

Please visit the Residence Halls section of our site for more information about our residence halls.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that all participants from a group or company will be housed together. Some participants may be housed with residents not affiliated with their sponsoring group or organization.


All residents are provided with the following furniture items: extra-long twin size bed (some bunked), mattress, desk, desk chair, and dresser.

Additional furniture may not be brought into the halls. It is recommended that residents bring additional lighting to supplement in-room lighting.

Special Accommodations

For information, please visit the How to Apply section of our website.

Individuals approved for reasonable accommodations through the Moses Center may be housed in an alternative residence hall in order to fulfill the approved special housing accomodation.

Safety & Security

Public Safety

The NYU Department of Public Safety is responsible for the safety and security of NYU residence halls. Public Safety personnel are assigned to each residence hall at all times. Residents must obtain an NYU photo ID card (NYUCard) upon their arrival and must present this identification to the Public Safety Officer or swipe their NYUCard at the building turnstile each time they enter the residence hall. All guests must provide photo identification and must be signed into the hall by their host.

Residence Hall Staffing

All buildings are staffed by a full time, professional, live-in Residence Hall Director, assisted by a team of professional and paraprofessional staff.


Summer residents living in NYU Summer Housing receive the following services:

Reservation & Payment Information


NYU sponsored groups or programs are given priority in the reservation process. Reservation requests can be made for between 10 and 75 participants.

Our priority deadline for 2020 group requests is Friday, December 13, 2019. To complete a reservation request for 2020, please click here.

Group Coordination

The group coordinator will serve as the main liaison between Summer Housing and the organization/program participants. Group coordinators are responsible for sharing application information with participants and collecting any date adjustments or additional information for Summer Housing.

All participant applications must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the group’s start date.


Groups may choose between two billing options.

Group Payment

If the sponsoring organization is paying for its participants directly, a minimum payment of 50% of the estimated total housing charges for the group must be sent to NYU Summer Housing by May 1, 2020. A group account will be established and all participant charges will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. NYU groups may provide a departmental account number authorizing a transfer of funds in lieu of a reservation payment. A final invoice will be sent to the sponsoring organization approximately three weeks after the group’s departure. Payment is due within 30 days of invoicing.

Individual Payment

If individual participants will be responsible for their own charges, a $500 reservation payment is required upon completion of the online housing application. The NYU Bursar’s Office will send a bill directly to the individual via email, which is due in full before check-in. The sponsoring organization may become responsible for any outstanding participant charges that are unpaid at the end of the reservation period.

Cancellations & Date Adjustments


Through March 31, 2020:

A group may reduce the size of their original reservation without penalty. The total number of spaces reserved as of March 31, 2020 will be considered the final number of spaces reserved.

After March 31, 2020:

Any reduction of the number of spaces reserved will result in a charge of $500 per participant space. Reduction of a reservation includes any cancellation of a reservation and any reservation that is not utilized as a result of a participant’s failure to check-in (no-shows).

Date changes for individual participants

All participants will have reservations with a start and end date equivalent to the dates listed on the group housing agreement. Should they require alternative dates, the group coordinator will be required to collect these in a spreadsheet to be sent to housing.summer.groups@nyu.edu at least 3 weeks prior to the group’s reservation start date.

Timeline for Long-Term Groups

October 2019
Group reservation request form available
December 13, 2019
Priority deadline for groups to submit reservation requests
February 2020
Group coordinator to be notified of the status of their group's reservation request(s)
March 31, 2020
Cancellation/reduction deadline (after this date there is a $500 per participant space fee)
Three weeks prior to arrival date
All participants must have completed a participant application
Three weeks after departure
Invoice will be sent to group coordinator. Payment must be remitted within thirty days.

For more information about Long Term Group Housing, please call NYU Summer Housing at 212-998-4600 or email us at housing.summer.groups@nyu.edu.