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Cancellations made after April 10, 2020 will not incur cancellation charges.

We are no longer accepting cancellations due to the closure of NYU Summer Housing. NYU Summer Housing will be in touch with all applicants regarding their application and cancellation status.

Please note, once a resident has checked in, a reservation cannot be cancelled. If you have checked in and wish to reduce the length of your reservation, please view the Changes section of our website.

The schedule of cancellation charges is listed below. Once your cancel request is processed, you will receive a refund of your original reservation payment less the cancellation charge you have been assessed.

Cancellation charges are assessed as follows:

Cancellations received after April 10, 2020
$0 charge

Note: Claims of not receiving an assignment confirmation do not negate the license obligations agreed to when submitting the application. Cancellation penalties may be assessed even if original housing charges have not been paid in full.