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Prague Visa Documents Request Form

Please make sure you fill out the form with your name EXACTLY as it appears in your passport (first and middle names, if that's what's in your passport). If you do not, the forms we prepare will be invalid, and we will have to prepare new ones. By the time the mistake is noticed, it may be too late for you to submit the form again and still get the documents on time to apply for the visa! Please note: it takes about 2-3 weeks for these documents to be prepared, and they cannot be expedited.

Please complete all fields of the form below.

Please complete the form provided and submit it via email to NYU personnel by clicking the "Submit Form" button.

Dual citizens should fill out two passport forms with details of both documents.

Semester of Study
Last Name (as on passport):
First and Middle Name (as on passport):
Email Address:
Telephone Number (permanent contact number):
Date of Birth: / /
City of Birth:
State/Province of Birth:
Country of Birth:

Passport Information

Passport Number:
Date of issue: / /
Expiration Date: / /
Place of Issue:
Country of Issue:

Permanent Address