Student Voice Series: 90-second surveys to enhance your NYU experience

A message to our students:

Thanks to your time, thoughtfulness, and dedication to making NYU a better place, the Student Voice Series was a success! In total, we received over 26,000 points of feedback from students from five surveys throughout the 2020-21 academic year. We sent A LOT of emails and messages to you over the past school year, and we’re grateful that you took the time to answer our questions. NYU is using your responses to build a better future for you and all NYU students!

The Office of Student Success

Spring Results

Students are most looking forward to attending in-person classes this fall.

(Credit: April 2021 Student Voice Survey)

65% of students said they were likely to continue to engage with virtual one-on-one support.

(Credit: April 2021 Student Voice Survey)

60% of students were interested in the option to take one course per semester in a remote format.

(Credit: February 2021 Student Voice Survey)

NYU is excited to see students return to campus and we’re glad you are too! When asked what they are most looking forward to when in-person operations resume in the fall, 53% of students said they were looking forward to attending classes in person, 39% said hanging out with their NYU friends, and 38% said meeting new people.

Some students expressed interest in keeping virtual support, even after NYU returned to in-person operations. This tells us that the flexibility of virtual meetings and support was beneficial and that NYU should continue to offer these opportunities in addition to in-person support.

This interesting data point tells us that some classes offered by NYU adapted well to a remote environment. The University is considering ways that it could continue to incorporate remote learning in future course offerings.  

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About Our First Year Surveys

The Office of Student Success administered two surveys to first-year students:

  • The NYU First Year Survey, administered in the summer and into the fall semester
  • The NYU First Year Check-In Survey, administered in the spring semester

The NYU First Year Survey helped us gain insight into our incoming students’ habits and expectations of college before they start school. The NYU First Year Check-In Survey touched base with our first-year students about their experiences to help us assess their personal and academic development since entering NYU.

Both surveys were administered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at the University of California, Los Angeles, and are distributed nationally.