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The second year of college is a unique and transitional period for our students. Higher Education institutions have historically supported first-year students through tailored programming, but now is an excellent opportunity to continue growth and support during this unique period of their undergraduate career. Find support for your students by using these research, tips, and resources.

Student Website

Year 2 @ NYU is a place for second-year students to find the support and resources they need to thrive during year 2 at NYU. Also, it provides faculty and staff tools to better understand these students and how to best support them through this crucial time in their undergraduate career. This page has been developed by the Second Year Experience and Moments of Transition Subcommittee of the Student Success Standing Committee.

Research and Data

Second Year Focus Groups

In September 2019, Student Success conducted a series of focus groups with 47 undergrad students representing eight of the schools at NYU. Review the methodology and results, including an overview of the themes that emerged such as developing life skills, clear communication, financial literacy/wellness, career development, and building community/school unity.


Student Success has compiled a list of research, promising practices, and academic writing on the second-year experience.

Second Year Experience and Moments of Transition Subcommittee

Administrators from across NYU lend their expertise to the Second Year Experience and Moments of Transition Subcommittee. This group focuses on the pivotal moments of the second year of college and how NYU can improve that experience. It is a part of the larger Student Success Standing Committee. If you’re interested in joining the committee, please reach out to

Committee Members

  • Chair Kate Baier, Executive Director, Residential Life
  • Co-Chair John Burdick, PhD, Senior Associate Director, Student Success
  • Scott Bourdeau, Director of Advising Operations and Student Services, Stern
  • Tyrell Davis, Associate Registrar, Registrar
  • Willie Long, PhD, Associate Dean of Advising and Student Services, CAS
  • Marisol Marrero, Executive Director, StudentLink
  • Alejandro Marti, Associate Director of Student Service, Global Programs
  • Patrick McCreery, Associate Dean of Students, Gallatin
  • Samantha Micek, Assistant Director, Wasserman
  • Emily Peeler, Program Administrator, Student Success
  • Grace Rzodkiewicz, Assistant Director of Communications, Student Success
  • Juan Pablo Sarmiento, Graduate Assistant, Student Success
  • Billy Sichel, Director, Admissions
  • Lauren Silverstein, Second Year and Student Engagement, CAS
  • Isabella Villacampa, Associate Director, Center for Student Life
  • Ryan Westman, PhD, Director of Academic and Student-Athlete Support Services, Provost's Office/Athletics
  • Jonathon White, Associate Dean of Students, Liberal Studies
  • Cameron Williams, PhD, Class Advisor and Associated Faculty, Gallatin