As announced by the Provost’s office in January 2024, based on student, faculty, and advisor feedback, instructors will no longer enter a single midterm grade in Albert for undergraduate courses. Instead, you will receive feedback on your progress in the course around the midpoint of the term.

Midterm feedback gives you time to take action to be as successful as possible in each of your courses. Whether you want to improve in a course or further grow in an area you are already excelling, check out the resources below to support your academic success.

You will receive an email around the middle of the semester where your professor indicates one of three progress updates that reflect how you are currently doing:

Strong Progress

This means your professor perceives you’re doing well in this course. Great news! Your professor may also send along some comments regarding the specifics of your progress.

Concerns About Progress

This means your professor has concerns about your performance, attendance, or other challenges. To learn the specifics, you will want to talk with the professor about how you can improve in the course. You may also want to take advantage of resources like academic support such as tutoring, your academic advisor, or Student Success that may help you improve in the course. More specific recommendations may be sent to you as well from your advisor. Remember, you are receiving this feedback in the middle of the semester, so there is still time to make significant improvements.

Satisfactory Progress

This means your professor believes you’re doing well but there’s room to grow. Your professor may also send along some comments regarding the specifics of your progress; to understand specific steps you can take, ask your professor how you might make improvements or what resources are available to you.

If you or your professor is concerned about your progress in a course:

  • Speak with your professor or teaching assistant. They will give feedback on your progress in each course. Try visiting your professor’s office hours. Office hours are a block of time set aside by instructors and teaching assistants for students to ask questions and receive extra guidance and support. The exact days and times of office hours are on the course syllabus.
  • Take advantage of tutoring and various academic support as soon as possible. This includes the University Learning Center, the Polytechnic Tutoring Center, and the Writing Center, among others. Use this link for a full list of available academic support and tutoring services. 
  • Speak to your academic advisor. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor in NYU Connect
  • If appropriate, connect with the Moses Center. The Moses Center for Student Accessibility works with NYU students to determine and implement appropriate and reasonable accommodations. 
  • Connect with a Student Success Specialist. Student Success Specialists can help you further develop your academic skills, navigate NYU, and get connected with the right resources at the right time. Schedule an appointment with a Student Success Specialist in NYU Connect
  • The Wellness Exchange is your mental health resource at NYU. Call the 24-hour hotline at (212) 443-9999, chat via the Wellness Exchange app anytime, make an appointment, or arrange a same-day Urgent Counseling session to speak with a certified counselor about any day-to-day challenges or health concerns.

If you are doing well in a course and feel it aligns with your interests and career: