The Office of Student Success provides guidance and support during your NYU journey; from the moment you decide to join the NYU community until you don a cap and gown at Commencement. You can engage with our efforts that include academic coaching, individualized guidance, and technological resources to help you achieve your full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Meet with a Student Success Specialist

Our Specialists are NYU experts that are ready to help all students, no matter what school you are in. They can field your questions and get you the answers and resources you are looking for.

If you have trouble navigating NYU Connect, reach out to us at

NYU Administrators

Tips for Remote Learning

Adjusting to a new learning environment can be difficult. Check out these tips to help you be successful in your remote space. If you want to talk through any of these tips, reach out to us at

Study Tips from Your Peers

We texted first-year students and asked for your best study tips. From study strategies to self care, here are a few of the best responses.

If you have any questions or concerns with studying and focusing, meet with a Student Success Specialist. They can work with you to help implement some of these tips.

Time Management Guide

As a college student, you may feel like you are being pulled in one hundred different directions. How do you juggle so many things all at once? The key is time management. Make a copy of this guide and use the strategies to help boost your time management skills.