How NYU Connect Can Help

  • Communicate with students regarding Flags and Kudos raised by faculty
  • Notify student services groups of students who would benefit from their resources
  • Close the loop with faculty and let them know student concerns were addressed
  • Take advising notes to track where students are on their path
  • Access robust information about students to provide custom support

User Guides

Visit the NYU Connect Google Site for step-by-step guides on:

  • Setting up office hours
  • Syncing your Google Calendar
  • Raising Flags, Giving Kudos
  • Filtering and Reporting
  • Success Plans

Questions about how to effectively use NYU Connect?

If you are an NYU advisor, faculty, or staff member, stop by our open hours to ask questions, learn tips and tricks (or share some of your own), and connect with the NYU Connect team!

Optimizing Midterm Progress Reporting

Academic Advisors are uniquely positioned to support students in taking action on Midterm Progress report feedback. We know that students want to improve but need time, actionable feedback, and support.

Review the text students will receive by email when faculty report midterm progress for their course. This language was thoughtfully crafted to position advisors to support students in taking action on feedback rather than making advisors a middle person between the faculty member and students.

It is expected that advisors will reach out to students with Midterm Progress reports in the “Concerns about Progress” category to support students. Advisors will receive this information in the NYU Connect daily digest.  Advisors must reach out to students with “concerns about progress” to reinforce that they are supported in their learning and highlight resources that might be meaningful.

Questions and Support

Do you have a question that still needs to be addressed regarding the Midterm Progress tool or process? Let us know! Please email our team at and we will reply as soon as possible.

NYU Connect and the information contained within are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA). Learn more about FERPA.

If your concern is related to a student's health, mental health, or safety please contact the Wellness Exchange 24/7 at (212) 443-9999. There are additional health and wellness resources available through the Wellness Exchange website.