Being in New York City can become expensive. From paying for NYU, buying textbooks, going to eat, and trying to enjoy all that the city has to offer, all these expenses can add up! Financial Education is here to help you!

Paying for College

We all know that college can be expensive, however there are many resources available to you that can help with this cost! One of the many things that you can do as a student is look for different scholarships. iGrad, NYU’s Everyday Financial Education Resource, has a Scholarship Search available on its platform that all students can use. The best part? It’s completely FREE for all NYU Students!

The Office of Financial Aid also has a list of different searches students have used in the past to find scholarships.


Buying textbooks is something that all students have to do. Some classes even require you to buy two or three books, when taking four classes in the semester with each having you buy multiple books, you can end up spending a good amount of money. Check out the NYU Bookstore for all your book needs. They offer Price Match for students, so if you find the book you need for a cheaper price they may bring down the price at the bookstore! There are also options where you can rent a book or buy a used book in order to get it for less. Don’t forget about the NYU Library! They offer lots of different options for books, interlibrary loan, course reserves, E-Z Borrow, and many more!


We all know that eating is important! Not only eating, but making sure that what we are eating is nutritious. When we think about food and how to save with our meals one thing many students forget is that they can get discounts at many different restaurants around campus. Another great way to save is by going food shopping and making your meals at home. You can find coupons for food on various websites and even check prices to see which places have the best deals. Many students also like to take advantage of the many programs that offer Free Food on campus. When searching for an event on NYU Event Calendar you can even filter for events with free food!


Enjoying all that New York City has to offer doesn’t always have to come with a price. There are many ways that you can still explore and have fun in NYC without having to break the bank. One way to do this is to take advantage of the NYU Box Office. You can get Discounted Tickets, Movie Theater Tickets and Six Flags Vouchers! They also have a resource where you can find even more deals for various events! You also can’t forget about all the events that happen right on campus and at NYU Skirball.