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NYU's Everyday Financial Education Resource

NYU iGrad is an interactive, online platform that offers a suite of tools designed to provide you with knowledge on financial topics including budgeting, financial aid, banking, investing, and more. There are videos, calculators, articles, recommendations, games, and other resources that can help improve your finances.

For students specifically, the programs will assist you in answering questions like how to make an NYU education possible, managing your financial needs, creating a monthly budget, better understand the student loan process and repayment, and prepare you now and into the future.

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If you have an NYU NetID (Students, Faculty, Staff, etc):

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  • Once you are securely signed in to the iGrad site, you will have access to numerous articles, videos, and calculators

If you do not have an NYU NetID (Prospective Students, Families, etc.):

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  • Once you log in, you have access to numerous videos, articles, and modules

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iGrad Support

On any page of the platform, click the chat icon in the lower right corner to connect with the iGrad support team for site technical support and content inquiries.