" Financial Literacy Month: NYU Financial Education" with graphic images of pencils, coins, dollar bills, and a piece of paper

Each one of us is on a different financial journey. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, the NYU Financial Education team is here to help.

April is National Financial Literacy Month and we are here to support all of our students and the NYU community. This month is about raising awareness about the importance of financial education and empowering students to effectively manage their finances every day.

What is Financial Literacy Month?

In 2004, U.S. congress passed a bill to recognize April as Financial Literacy Month. This was to raise public awareness about the importance of financial education in the United States. We are dedicated to providing you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage your finances every day.

What’s Your Financial Personality?

To kick off Financial Literacy Month, it’s a good idea to become familiar with your current financial habits. Do you carry student loans? How much are you saving each month? Here is a guide from iGrad to help you get started:

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Budgeting and Saving

A budget is essentially a list of items that you pay other people or companies. How about paying yourself? Establishing savings is how you save money for yourself. The best way to save money is to actively and consciously prioritize saving instead of waiting until after you’ve budgeted all other items (entertainment, bills, etc.).

Check out these free courses and articles in iGrad to give you strategies on how to budget and save:

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Financial Resources

The learning and support doesn’t stop when Financial Literacy Month is over. NYU has lots of different financial resources and offices to help students all year round.

An office that provides students with the education and resources to effectively manage their short and long term financial goals. Financial Education offers one-on-one coaching appointments to support financial wellness, presentations and workshops on managing a budget in NYC, campus events, a resources page online, and iGrad.

Non-exhaustive list of scholarships and grants, funds you do not need to repay.

Financial assistance that helps students and their families cover the cost of college. This includes scholarships and grants from the government and NYU (which do not need to be repaid), federal and private loans (which do need to be repaid), as well as opportunities for student employment, often called work-study, at NYU.

Interactive, online platform that offers a suite of tools designed to provide you with knowledge on financial topics including budgeting, financial aid, banking, investing, and more. There are videos, calculators, articles, recommendations, games, and other resources that can help improve your finances.

Financial Literacy Month Videos

Check out our videos from previous years that provide tips and resources on taxes, credit, budgeting, and more.