Presentations and individualized coaching sessions with the Office of Financial Education provide students, and our NYU community, with high quality and personalized material. Our goal is to better inform and support your financial wellness goals as you gain greater insight and clarity into aspects of your personal financial situations.

One-on-One Coaching

You will meet with a Student Success Specialist for approximately 40 minutes. Each session is based on the topic of your choosing and geared towards your needs. Your Specialist will help you gain a greater understanding of your finances and develop sustainable realistic goals.

There is a follow-up session required (typically about 20 minutes) where your Specialist will discuss outcomes and next steps.


If you would like us to give a presentation at a club or organization, you will select a topic from those described above. One of our coaches will contact you to discuss the specifics of your audience and its needs.

Each presentation is approximately 40 minutes, including time for Q&A. There is a follow-up survey sent to all participants where we can gain feedback regarding the effectiveness of our programs.

A minimum of 20 participants are required for a presentation. We need a minimum of 2 weeks notice to adequately prepare our resources.


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Student Loans & Repayment

Many students have to take out loans to finance their education and understanding all of the terms, conditions, and repayment options can be intimidating. We can review the types of student loans, different repayment plans, public loan service forgiveness, and what to expect if you are considering graduate school.

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Budgeting in NYC

Welcome to the bright lights and big city! Ever wonder how to survive and not break the bank? In this session, we will go over some tips to create a budget and plan out some of your expenses so that you can take advantage of all NYC has to offer while maintaining your budget.

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Courtesy Meals Referral

If you have utilized Courtesy Meals three times, you may have been referred to the Wellness Exchange and/or Financial Education. We are here to provide guidance and professional expertise specific to your individual situation. To speak with a coach, please submit a coaching request form.

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Other Topics

If you would like to schedule a workshop or would like to request to meet with one of our coaches, please use the links below to access the form.

Please note, there are certain services we cannot specifically provide support on:

  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage and refinancing counseling
  • Investment advice
  • Contacting creditors
  • Selection of financial institutions
  • Selection of financial planning services
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax advice and filling assistance