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Our Core Principles

Six concepts make up our core educational philosophy. Knowledge and skill development in these content areas, coupled with planning and practice over time, will empower you to make confident decisions to build a strong financial future.

Plan Creating and implementing a strategy for the fiscal responsibilities of attending college
Earn Understanding your earning power and the financial effects of current and future employment
Save & Invest Growing personal assets to build savings and developing a plan for financial security
Protect Protecting financial resources, personal property, and identity
Spend Managing your money to meet financial goals and to navigate financial obstacles through budgeting and fiscal planning
Borrow Wisely establishing and building credit and understanding the implications of debt

Statements of Purpose

For Prospective Students

Navigating the complex financial choices to attend college can be tough. We want you to feel confident and informed about your fiscal decisions for college, no matter what your financial background is. NYU Financial Education is here to partner with you and your support network during this process. Our goal is to help you:

  1. Be proactive in having discussions with your support network about your financial plans to attend NYU
  2. Understand your Financial Aid Package and Cost of Attendance
  3. Feel knowledgeable about your financial decision to attend NYU
  4. Develop a fiscal plan that estimates your spending and borrowing during your time at NYU
  5. Learn more about the services and resources available to you as an NYU student to facilitate continued financial education during your time at NYU

For Current Students

Thinking about your finances can feel overwhelming, especially while you are a busy student. NYU Financial Education is committed to partnering with current NYU students to provide the tools and support to help you navigate financial choices and make informed fiscal decisions. We are here for all students, no matter how much existing financial knowledge you have.

We offer innovative workshops, resources, and coaching services designed to incrementally strengthen your financial knowledge during your time at NYU and beyond. By engaging with us, you will grow your financial acumen, develop a skill set that will allow you to feel confident about money management, and learn how to think critically about current and future financial choices.