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Clubs in Partnership

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NYU's Center for Student Life sponsors a diverse range of over 300 clubs on campus, where students can connect with each other through similar interests, cultural beliefs, spiritual practices, academic and professional goals, and more. A complete directory of all-university clubs can be found on NYU Engage.

For Students, By Students

Pulling from NYU's clubs on campus, Office of Global Services (OGS) student interns led the way in creating Clubs in Partnership with OGS, a student-centered initiative focused on partnering with student clubs with the aim to increase international student engagement and support the University's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this initiative, we also hope to further support the needs of our international student population, and expand and ensure the reach of student clubs to international students.


Our Partners

To learn more about any of the clubs listed, please reach out to the primary contact included for each student club.

African Students Union

The African Students Union provides a means for the meaningful discussion, exploration and celebration of all things politically, socially, and culturally Africa. They want to create an environment on campus where people who are educated on African topics or wish to be can come together to have fun, discuss and most importantly, eat.

Judy Fordjuoh Outreach Chair
Allison Griffith Director of Operations
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Arab Students United

The Arab Students United represents Arabs from over 21 nations in and around the Arab World and several others. We are not homogenous, nor do we speak the same dialect, share the same values, cultures, and religions, if any. We are a diverse group of students that aims to unite Arabs and non-Arabs alike in order to embrace our similar yet diverse backgrounds in the Arab sense. From villages, plains, and mountains, to skyscrapers, cities, and coasts in Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and so forth, Arabs are a people who are linked by a common identity that we at ASU treasure and wish to celebrate. Interestingly enough, we are also unique in ways that we cannot count. This is the essence of Arab Students United. We focus on culture, history, dialogue, and everything in between.

Arab Students United
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Asian Cultural Union

Established in 1972, Asian Cultural Union remains the only Asian umbrella group at NYU and is one of the largest and most prominent organizations in the history of the university. Their mission is to celebrate and promote Asian cultures through cultural, social, and business-oriented events, as well as community service projects. 

Carolyn Lau Co-President
Seungmin Yi Co-President
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Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month, held in April, is a celebration of the experiences and histories of various Asian and Pacific American cultures. They connect the diverse Asian and Asian American groups on campus as well as in the surrounding communities, by spreading awareness of social issues and of the benefits each group has to offer. 

Catherine Liu President
Priyana A Rikhy Vice President
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Association for African Development

The Association for African Development’s mission is to work toward building the skills of NYU students by focusing on raising awareness & developing knowledgeable leaders with the intent of promoting African enhancement. 

Faith Fasakin Membership Chair
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Association for Indian Cultural Exchange

The Association for Indian Cultural Exchange is designed to educate people on the cultures and traditions of India, as well as advocate and inform them on India and India-related politics within the US. They hope to show the beauty of Indian culture and in the process, cast down the current stereotypes which plague Indians in the US.

Kunj Jain President
Ragini Sethi Vice President
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Bella Quisqueya

The purpose of Bella Quisqueya is to highlight rich, diverse Dominican culture and promote distinct heritage through cultural, educational, and social events. They provide an environment where all students of the NYU community can identify with their culture and become aware of issues affecting the Dominican population, while supporting one another in academia. 

Paulette Marte President
Hector Galvan Co-President
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Bengali Student Association

The Bengali Students Association at NYU was founded in 2005 and is committed to celebrating the richness of Bengali culture. Their programs strive to spread awareness of Bengali traditions both indigenous to the subcontinent and unique to the diasporic population, explore issues pertaining to the region, and foster a sense of community among Bengalis at NYU and in the NYC area. 

Ariff Ahmed Co-President
Sadia Mohaimin President
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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union at NYU provides an opportunity for students whose mission or identity are linked to the experiences of the African Diaspora to pull together to discuss co-sponsoring events, collaborative efforts, and networking and solidarity building initiatives with their peers. Club meetings and events are open to all NYU students. 

Zaria Watkins President
Iris Carbonel Cosponsorship Chair
Khalil Hall Treasurer
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Brazilian Society at NYU

The Brazilian Society at NYU hopes to create an enriching community between Brazilian students and students with an interest in Brazil. It's a place to promote communication and develop relationships through social activities, and a common knot to meet Brazilian students from all schools of NYU. 

Thiago Lima President
Leonardo Sabo President
Jose Gabriel Bernardes Nacache Vice President
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Caribbean Students Association

The Caribbean Student Association is a club meant to foster a sense of community among students who identify with or are interested in learning about Caribbean culture. The club increases awareness of issues within the Caribbean, gives students an outlet to express themselves and ask questions, and allows students to try different food and drinks from the area. 

Allison Griffith President
Chanelle Reynolds Vice President
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Chinese Student Society

The main focus of the Chinese Student Society is to promote Asian heritage, Asian-American ideals, and interactions among all ethnic backgrounds within our NYU community. By creating an atmosphere that promotes social interaction, they act as a vehicle to bring together unique people with similar interests. 

Yuankai Shan President
Angel Cheng Vice President
Samantha Adiwidjaja Vice President
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Chinese Students and Scholars Association at NYU

CSSA@NYU has established a long tradition of offering excellent performances, social events, and career services to all NYU students, alumni and scholars in the greater New York area. Their mission is to unite Chinese students, serve the local Chinese community on behalf of NYU, and promote communication and dialogue between China and the US. 

Weihong Zhong President
Yicheng Yan Vice President
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The Czech-Slovak Club at NYU

The Czech-Slovak Club at NYU aims to bring cultural and educational activities related to these countries to our campus, community, and beyond. With a range of activities such as movie nights, game nights, guest lectures, music and dance, and art workshops, they hope to offer an immersive experience for community members interested in these cultures.

Tejas Sawant President
Eliska Wichterlowa Treasurer
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Ethiopian Eritrean Students Association

The mission of the Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association at NYU is to serve as a cultural, academic, and personal support system for Ethiopian and Eritrean students at NYU. The purpose of the club is to help its members progress academically, improve campus awareness of Ethiopian & Eritrean students, and create a networking environment between Ethiopian & Eritrean students and professionals. The club also serves as a forum to contribute towards the development efforts and necessary crisis relief in Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

Farren Habtetsion President
Yadel Mekete Vice President
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Graduate Indian Students' Association

The main mission of the organization is to foster an understanding about India and its culture among the NYU Tandon community at large, and provide an avenue to bridge the social gap among the graduate students both here at Tandon and NYU as a whole. They work to enhance the diversity and provide a helping hand to the new incoming students in getting oriented to the United States of America. 

Nilesh Samanta President
Mohammed-Sahil Asif  
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Haitian American Students Association

The purpose of NYU HASA is to promote awareness and enhance understanding of the Haitian culture to NYU and the New York community. They host social and cultural programs that encompass their history, music, and language. NYU HASA aims to help foster the unification of Haitians and non-Haitians and create an atmosphere of cultural acceptance and diversity throughout both the university and the city.

Linda Duverné Campus Liaison
Felicia Benoit Vice President
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NYU Hellenic Heritage Association

NYU Hellenic Heritage Association is designed for all Greeks and Greek Americans at NYU to meet and get to know one another by providing the opportunity to express their culture and their roots while being in a diverse university and also to have a great time doing so.

Eleni Tsouvelekaki President
Marios Kostits Pasialis Vice President
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Hong Kong Student Association

The Hong Kong Student Association is a culture club whose mission is to provide an authentic Hong Kong experience for NYU students and friends. They hold events that represent Hong Kong culture such as game shows, game nights, and social events that incorporate different themes. Every event includes Hong Kong Style cuisine to give members a taste of what Hong Kong has to offer. 

Kadi Tsang President
Anson Ao Vice President
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NYU Indonesian Students Association

The Indonesian Students Association acts as a platform for all NYU students interested in learning the Indonesian culture while also fostering closer relationships among Indonesian students in NYU. 

Dhania Kamayana President
Grace Muchtar Vice President
Aristo Joesoef Senior Representative
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International Student Affairs Committee

The International Student Affairs Committee (ISAC) is one of the committees of  the Student Government Assembly. This committee comes together to discuss policies and initiatives that address concerns that international students have during their time at NYU, including cultural adjustment, academic development, and extracurricular exposure. ISAC also serves as a forum for students who identify as international students and those interested in international student affairs to exchange and disseminate information on matters of concern to the community. Past projects include working with university administration to establish the International Student Center.

Haiyun Chen ISAC Chair

Japanese Cultural Association

The Japanese Cultural Association seeks to promote Japanese culture in a positive and fun way through exciting events and collaborations with other NYU organizations. Anyone who is interested in learning about Japanese culture is welcome to join their organization.

Leila Fujiwara Secretary
Momoko Nakayama Co-President
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La Herencia Latina

La Herencia Latina, established in 1990, serves as the planning committee for Latino Heritage Month at NYU, celebrated in November. They work to commemorate and promote cultural diversity on campus through educational and social events, as well as create an awareness of Latino culture and heritage. They also strive to identify and deal with the current challenges affecting their community while celebrating the accomplishments and contributions made by Latinos. 

Andres Rabellino Co-Chair
Alyssa Wolverton Co-Chair
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Mexican Student Association (MexSA)

The purpose of MexSA is to create a community at NYU that gives students the means to celebrate and appreciate the rich culture of México and to promote awareness of Mexican heritage, traditions, and current affairs through recreational, educational and cultural events. 

Andres Guerrero Co-President
Heather Canul Pena Treasurer
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Pakistani Students Association

The Pakistani Students Association at NYU is a student-led organization that seeks to bring students together to explore their common ethnic background, as well as promote an understanding of Pakistani people and culture. 

Hamza Arshad President
Syed Ali Hassan Vice President
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Persian Cultural Society

The Persian Cultural Society seeks to create an environment and community for the celebration of Persian culture at NYU, and in the New York area. 

Ariana Sedighpour President
Eva Khademi Treasurer
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Polish Club at NYU

Polish Club is dedicated to educating members about Poland's culture, traditions, and holidays through movie screenings, group outings, historical lectures and authentic Polish cuisine. 

Ola Abdelrahman President
Julia Kaluta Treasurer
Victoria Piszczek Secretary
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PorColombia groups college students with a Colombian background and friends in the US and Canada. They strive to establish partnerships and create valuable services for their members.

Elizabeth Castano President
Natalia Martinez Trujillo Vice President
Carlos Benitez Treasurer
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Russian Club

Russian Club offers knowledge about Russia, a warm, friendly atmosphere, and outstanding Russian food.

Anna Filonenko President
Tanya Ezubova Vice President
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South Slavic Club

The South Slavic Club aims to promote the cultures and diversity of South Slavic nations by bringing together students with common backgrounds and interests in these unique countries. 

Nikolas Buha President
Mihaela Kracun Co-President
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Taiwanese American Student Society

The Taiwanese American Student Society works to establish and encourage a unified cultural and social network of students interested in sharing the language, identity, politics, culture, and current issues of Taiwan with an emphasis on the undergraduate population.

Victor Wan President
Selene Yeung Vice President
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Thai Students Association

The purpose of Thai-SA is to establish an organization that brings the Thai student community together at NYU, reach out to other students interested in Thailand, and promote Thai culture around campus. 

Samakorn Duntanasarn President
Nick Pichaiwongse President
Noppatee Maleenont Vice President
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Vietnamese Student Association

The mission of the Vietnamese Student Association is to promote cultural awareness, increase ethnic diversity within NYU, and provide a group platform for all NYU students interested in fostering a better understanding of the Vietnamese experience. The purpose of the club is to enrich NYU's multi-cultural atmosphere by providing services to the student population, as well as others who are interested in the Vietnamese heritage. 

BaoVi Dang President
Kim Nguyen President
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¡Viva Perú!

¡Viva Perú! is an organization that celebrates Peruvian and Andean culture by creating a space for individuals to learn more about the country, the food, the dances, and the language. It encourages all people to come together and find a family away from home. ¡Viva Perú! also tries to raise awareness of social, political, and economic issues of Peru in order to help NYU students think more as global citizens.  

Kenia M Ruiz President
Ivette Cortez Vice President
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