The Office of Global Services (OGS) provides a variety of learning and engagement opportunities for NYU’s international student and scholar community. Our goal is to increase accessibility to the complex conversations about race and social justice in the US while also providing a foundational understanding of the US-specific context that takes into account NYU students and scholars’ diverse backgrounds. In doing so, we aim to highlight issues that specifically affect the NYU international community, such as the experience of being racialized, being part of a racial minority for the first time, or being confronted with xenophobia or racism. At the same time, we aim to unpack the assumptions about race and identity international students and scholars bring with them to the US.  

OGS strategically aligns itself with NYU’s overarching commitment to create an inclusive environment and systematically integrates the lived experiences of the international community. By responding to current events and providing opportunities to the community to share their stories, we venture to remove barriers to these crucial conversations and foster a greater sense of belonging across the University. OGS has an ongoing commitment to examine its practices critically and engage in a learning process in conjunction with the international student community to strive towards a more equitable space for everyone at NYU.

Presentations and Dialogue Sessions

Each semester, OGS organizes a series of presentations to invite international students and scholars to engage in conversations around race, identity, and life in the United States. This series was first introduced as a webinars in Fall 2020, but has since expanded to in-person sessions since Fall 2022. Our current presentation offerings include:

 NYU students at identity and inclusion workshop

Immigration & Identity in the United States

This session explores the history of immigration, xenophobia, and US identity from past to present. Building on a historical overview, it spotlights the lived experiences of US immigrants today and how current immigration policies shape immigrant identity. In addition to providing key terminology, this session also discusses resources and support at NYU for further engagement with this topic.

Several NYU students at immigration workshop

Race & Identity in the United States

This session explores the history of US race relations, racism, and US identity from past to present. Unpacking the assumptions about race and identity international students bring with them to the US, this session also provides a space to understand how international students navigate their own racial identity within the US context. In addition to providing key terminology and antiracism concepts, this session covers resources and support at NYU for further engagement.

Experiential Learning Events

OGS strategically complements each presentation and dialogue session with specific experiential learning excursions in New York City. These programming initiatives are educational, interactive, and provide another medium to engage in conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion. Each event ends with a brief discussion facilitated by OGS staff. Past Identity and Inclusion Experiential Learning Events include:

  • Tenement Museum Visit
  • Ellis Island Visit
  • Black Gotham Experience: The Other Side of Wall Street
  • Harlem Walking Tour
  • Museum of Chinese in America Visit

Panel Events

OGS has also organized panel events building on the student experience as it relates to topics of identity, race, and social justice. These events feature faculty or alumni as panel guests and are moderated by international students. Previous panel events include:

White text on violet background: Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace. Alumni Panelists, with panelist photos and brief bios

Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workplace

This panel featured a conversation with NYU international alumni from a variety of disciplines sharing how they navigate diversity and inclusion in the workplace, how their international student experience at NYU has shaped unique opportunities and successes, and how they approach challenges in the global workplace.

Global Perspectives on Race and Identity

This panel featured experts from NYU’s network based in Shanghai, Florence, Paris, and New York. In this session, we discussed how the conversation on race and identity shapes the international student experience in the US, how the conversation is evolving outside the US, and what effect it has on the study abroad experience at our global sites.

White text reading Global Perspectives on Race (in yellow) and Identity (in yellow) on black background. Images of the four panelists are below the text.