Tips for Completing DS-7002 - Training/Internship Placement Plan

Section 1
Participant Information

Select One: Click “Student Intern”

Select One 1.1

Date Awarded or Expected: Student’s anticipated graduation date at his or her home institution. Must be after end date of internship in the US.

DateAwarded 1.2

Training/Internship Dates: Should match the dates on the DS-2019 request form and invitation letter.

Training Internship dates 1.3

Section 2

Site of Activity Information

NYU EIN: 135562308


Hours Per Week: Must be 32 hours/week or greater

Hours per week

NYU’s Worker’s Compensation policy carrier: Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual

The WC policy will/will not cover the intern:

  • If student intern will be an employee of NYU (paid through Payroll): Yes
  • If student intern will not be an employee of NYU: No

Number of Full-time Employees: 17,000


Annual Revenue: 25 Million or more


Section 3

Contract Agreement

Do NOT sign the Responsible Officer section; the OGS will complete this section.

contract agreement

Section 4
Training/Internship Placement Plan

Complete one copy of this page for each phase of the internship. If the internship will have only one phase, the start and end dates should match the dates in Section 1 and the phase should be indicated as 1 of 1.

Each box must be completed. Be as detailed as possible but try to use non-technical language that would be understandable to the consular officer reviewing the visa application.

All responses should relate to the student intern’s experience and emphasize skills and learning that the student intern will acquire rather than outcomes that benefit the department or institution.