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Find Stuff You Need for Your New Place

Whether you live on- or off-campus, you’ll need to know where to find basic necessities for your place.

PLEASE NOTE: The websites outside of NYU that we link to on this page are provided to assist you. NYU doesn’t have any relationship with these companies. Inclusion on this list does not mean we are recommending or endorsing these companies.

Some popular places students shop from for needed housewares, bedding, storage, and more include:

Added Tips for Students Living Off-Campus

Consider it a great accomplishment once you find off-campus housing in the New York metro area. Once you find housing, you can get to the fun stuff of getting your place to feel a bit more like home. Here are some basics to know about once you find your place and move in.


Things You Need to Set Up/Check On Just Before Moving In

Get Internet

Many students choose to have internet in their apartment in addition to the internet/data provided by your mobile phone company, to then use a wireless router for wifi. Popular companies include Verizon, Time Warner Spectrum, and more. You can search out the type of internet provider you prefer--whether it be through cable, DSL, or fiber by doing a search online. Note: Some buildings have a standard provider; not all services are available in all areas. Check with your landlord or ask your new neighbors.

Have Utilities Set Up

What are we talking about when we say utilities? Electricity and gas. Depending on the company and where you specifically live in the city, the companies providing these services may differ. In New York, Consolidated Edison, better known as Con Ed, is who will set up and bill you for electricity. They have a set up new service page on their website that walks you through the process.

Find Out If You Need to Change the Lock

First check with your landlord to see if your apartment has new locks from when the previous tenant lived at your place and check the terms of your lease to see if there’s any information on locks there. If you need to change the lock/s on your front door, find a locksmith―you can check Yelp for reviews on good local locksmiths to get your new lock installed. Your landlord will also likely need a spare key in case of emergencies.


If the apartment isn’t furnished, determine what would be most important for you to have. If you’re living with a roommate, figure out how you would like to divide the purchase of household necessities. You can buy new things fairly cheaply at stores like Ikea, but there is also plenty of used furniture and other housewares you can find within the NYU community. Check out some of the Facebook groups and listservs that may be available through your academic department for some leads on finding solid used furniture.

Resources On Campus for Commuters

When commuting to NYU from off-campus, know that NYU has space available for you--consider it your NYU hub or home on campus. The Center for Student Life in the Kimmel Center has resources specific to commuter and off-campus students. These resources include:

  • Lockers on campus,
  • A lounge with computers and printing,
  • A kitchen for you to warm up your lunch.

Still Have Questions on Off-Campus Living?

Be sure to reach out to Commuter and Off-Campus Programs in the Center for Student Life at 212-998-4411 for answers to other questions you may have. You can also find them at the Kimmel Center for University Life on the 7th floor.

Other Resources

You should have received the passcode to download your electronic version when your I-20 or DS-2019 from NYU was approved. If you haven’t received your guide, contact us so we can give you the download instructions.