We’ve compiled a list of recreation resources for spouses or partners at NYU. If you find other great resources to add to the list, let us know at ogs-communications@nyu.edu.

Gyms and Fitness Center

NYU Athletics

NYU Athletics offers membership at a cost for family members. You will need to bring your NYU ID and appointment letter to join. Contact the membership office to inquire about fees or more information. 

Spouse and partners need to provide a marriage certificate or two forms of proof from the NYU list that demonstrates a valid partnership. In lieu of the marriage/domestic partnership certificate you can provide two of the following to access NYU fitness centers:

  • Joint mortgage or lease with both names printed on lease
  • Designation of partner as beneficiary of life insurance
  • Designation of partner as beneficiary in will
  • Joint ownership of a motor vehicle
  • Joint checking account or savings account
  • Health care proxy


  • Full Time Student Family - $160 per academic year
  • Part Time Student Family - $458 per academic year
  • Visiting Scholar - $458 per academic year  
  • Visiting Scholar Spouse/DP  - $458 per academic year

Membership office hours

404 Fitness Membership Office

404 Lafayette Street, NY, NY 10003      Phone – (212) 998-2045

Operating Hours:  M,T,W,F = 10am to 4pm, TH = 11am to 7pm

Sat 10am - 2pm

Palladium Membership Office

140 East 14th Street, NY, NY 10003   Phone – (212) 992-8510

Operating Hours:  M,T,TH,F = 9:30am to 4:30pm & W = 11am to 7pm

Private Gyms

There are many private gyms and fitness centers around NYC. Most require monthly or yearly memberships; make sure you inquire about all costs and read any contract closely before you sign!

Parks and Recreation

NYC has an extensive network of parks located in many different neighborhoods. The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation runs programs throughout the year and maintains facilities in the parks. They offer opportunities to volunteer as well. There are countless events happening in NYC on any given day; many websites compile upcoming events, such as plays, art shows, concerts, comedy shows, festivals, and much more. Check out Time Out NYC or NYCGo.