The following resources are intended for students who plan to study away on an NYU program for a short period of time. This includes programs during January Term, Spring Break, Summer Term, as well as short trips that occur during the regular semester. For information regarding immigration for a full semester or academic year abroad, please see our Visas for Study Abroad page

Get a passport

All students need a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of their program date. The passport must contain at least 2 empty visa pages to accommodate a visa, if needed. If your passport does not meet these requirements, you must renew it immediately. How do I obtain a new or renewed passport?

Find out if you need a visa

Due to the duration of Short-Term programs, not all students will require a visa in order to travel. Some students may be able to travel to their program location on a visa waiver or an Electronic Travel Authorization.

Students who need to apply for a visa before travel will be contacted directly by an OGS Outbound Advisor once they have been accepted to the program. Visa-required students will apply for a Tourist/Visitor visa rather than a Student Visa due to the length of their program. Any questions regarding Short-Term program visa requirements can be directed to

Below are some of NYU's most common destinations for Short-term programs. Expand the location for visa requirements for the most common nationalities going abroad. If you don't see your nationality listed, please feel free to contact us so we can help you further.

Before You Travel

All travelers should:

  • Have a valid passport, with at least 6 months validity beyond the expected return date and two blank visa pages
  • Have one hard copy of your passport and visa (carry-on luggage only)
  • Have copies of your passport and visa available electronically. If your passport/visa is lost or stolen, having a copy of it may help expedite replacement.
  • Leave copies of your passport/visa with an individual you would think to contact in an emergency (parent or guardian, spouse, trusted friend, etc.).

Consider booking or registering your travel via NYU Traveler. NYU Traveler was created to provide the NYU community with tools and services for their travel needs. University-related travel may be booked or registered through NYU Traveler.

Register With Your Home Country's Embassy

Before you travel to your destination, you should register with the local Embassy or Consulate in the host country.

Be an informed traveler and take the time to learn about the locations you are headed prior to arrival. Useful resources include:

Global Health Insurance via GeoBlue

Check with your Program Administrator to ensure you have been registered for global health insurance. If not, please be sure to purchase your own GEO Blue global coverage.

Traveling with Dual Citizenship

Students who hold dual citizenship (most notably students who are US citizens as well as citizens of a country that provides access to visa free travel to their host country) should take careful note to bring both passports with them when they travel.

Most importantly, if you are a US citizen you must always use your US passport when entering the US, regardless of which passport you used to enter your host country. When entering your host country, you should use the passport which provides you with the ability to enter visa-free.

After Your Arrival

If Your Passport is Lost or Stolen

While traveling with NYU outside of the United States: 

  • Report the loss to the local police and get a copy of the police report.
  • Contact the OGS to inform us of the loss so that we can provide additional documentation and information to help you get a new passport and replacement visa as soon as possible.
  • Contact NYU Program Administrator at your current study location immediately to notify them of the loss. This is particularly important if you have traveled outside of your site country and may be delayed returning to classes.
  • Contact your country's local consulate or Embassy in order to get a replacement passport. If you saved a copy of your now lost passport digitally, please print and carry it with you for proof of identification.