Immigration Process Overview


Get a Passport  

Getting a passport and providing us with a copy of the Bio page is the first step. Check here to Learn More.


Identify Your UK Immigration Category

Find out if you need a visa or an entry stamp, how to apply for one, and about what documents you will need to gather. Learn more about how to identify and apply your category.


Before Your Travel

In order to board your international flight you will need your passport with valid visa inside. Learn more about all that you need to know before you travel.


After Your Arrival

Find out what to do if your passport is lost or stolen while abroad. Learn more about how to maintain your status after your arrival.

Typical Timeline for Immigration Process

  • October and March: Acceptance into study abroad programs
    • Prepare documents for your visa application
  • 180 days or 90 days (depending on visa category) before semester away start date: First day to submit visa application to the consulate (if applicable)
  • 30 days before semester away start date: Deadline to apply for your visa (if applicable)

Special Note for International Students

If You Are a F-1 Student

To keep your F-1 status abroad you must:

  • Register as a full-time student.
  • Keep a local US address in Albert.
  • Get a travel signature on your I-20 before departing the US.
  • Check your F-1 visa to ensure it will be valid when you plan to return to the US. If you need a new one, review how to renew your U.S. visa.
  • Continue to check your NYU email while you're outside of the US. It's the only way we could contact you if there is any issue with your immigration record.
  • Talk to an advisor at the OGS prior to leaving if you want to work in the US right after you return.

If You Are a J-1 Student

  • You must contact us immediately for guidance if you wish to study abroad for a semester or year.

Are you an international student and want to study or travel outside the US for more than 5 months? Contact us.

If you are applying from outside of the U.S., your consulate may require additional materials. We’ve done our best to compile a comprehensive list, but it is ultimately your responsibility to provide everything your consulate requires.